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    Best Ways to Pack Books When Relocating

    Best Ways to Pack Books When Relocating

    By Karen Thorogood | April 21, 2023

    It can take a lot of work to relocate to a new location. It takes a lot of planning and preparation, especially when packing your stuff. Among all the things you need to pack, books can be one of the most challenging items to deal with. Books can be heavy, fragile, and valuable, so you need to pack them carefully to ensure their safety during transport. This post will discuss some of the best ways to pack books when relocating.

    Sort Before Packing Books for Moving

    Before you start packing, it is essential to sort out your books. This means reviewing your collection and deciding which books you want to keep and which you can donate or sell. Once you have sorted out your books, you can categorise them by size, genre, or author to make it easier to pack them. This will help you reduce the number of items you need to pack and make your move lighter and less stressful.

    Use the Right Boxes

    When it comes to packing books, the correct box is crucial. You need to choose sturdy and durable boxes that can withstand the weight and pressure of your books. It is best to use smaller boxes rather than larger ones to avoid overpacking and making the box too heavy. You can buy new boxes from a moving supply store or ask your local bookstore for spare boxes.

    Wrap Your Books in Packing Paper

    Packing tips to make moving house easier

    Packing tips to make moving house easier

    Close up of a guy’s hands holding packing machine and sealing cardboard boxes with duct tape

    To protect your books from damage during transport, you need to wrap them properly. Wrapping your books in bubble wrap will protect them from scratches and keep them from shifting inside the packing boxes. Wrapping your books will protect them from scratches and keep them from shifting inside the box. You can use packing paper, or even old newspapers to wrap your books for moving. Use acid-free paper to prevent page damage for valuable or rare or hardcover books in your book collection.

    Pack Your Books Vertically

    The best way to pack books is vertically. This means standing your books upright in the book boxes, with the spine facing down. You can fill gaps between the saved space and balled-up packing paper to keep them from moving around. Packing your paperback books this way will save space and prevent them from getting damaged.

    Alternate the Spines

    Another way to pack your books is to alternate the spines. This means placing the books with the spine facing up and the next book with the spine facing down. This technique will help distribute the weight evenly and prevent the books from putting too much pressure on each other. You can also use cardboard dividers to separate the books and keep them from rubbing against each other when you pack books for moving.

    Label Your Boxes

    When you pack your books, it is essential to label your boxes and use packing tape. You can use a marker or a label maker to indicate the box’s contents. This will make it easier to unpack your books when you arrive at your new place. You can also label your boxes by room, so you know where each box should go when you move in as you pack hardcover books for moving house.

    Consider Hiring a Moving Company

    If you have a large collection of books or don’t have the time to pack them, consider hiring a moving company like Optimove. A professional moving company will have the expertise and equipment to load your packed books safely and efficiently. They can also provide moving boxes and other packing supplies to make your move easier and keep the box standing upright as they move all your stuff around.

    Pack Your Books in Luggage

    If you have a lot of suitcases, use them to pack your books flat. This is an excellent option if you are flying to a new destination. Book lovers can pack books in their suitcases and check them in as luggage. This will save them money on shipping costs and ensure that your books arrive safely.

    Use a Rolling Cart

    You can use a folding or utility cart with wheels to transport your books. This is especially useful if you have to move your books up or down stairs. It will make it easier to move your books and reduce the risk of injury. It will make it easier to move your books and reduce the risk of injury. It will make it easier to move your books and reduce the risk of injury.

    Store Your Books Temporarily

    If you cannot move into your new place immediately, you may need to store your books temporarily. It is essential to choose a storage facility that is clean, dry, and secure. You can pack your books in plastic bins or storage containers and label them clearly. You can also consider climate-controlled storage to protect your book box from extreme temperatures and humidity.

    Pack Heavy Books at the Bottom

    Placing the heaviest books at the bottom is important when packing your books in a box. By distributing the weight evenly, you can prevent the box from becoming too heavy or imbalanced. This will prevent the lighter books from being crushed or damaged during the move.

    Don’t Overpack Your Boxes

    While filling every inch of space in a box with books may be tempting, it’s important to pack your boxes evenly. This can cause the box to become too heavy and difficult to move, and it may also increase the risk of damage to your books. Leave a little bit of room in each box to prevent overpacking.

    Use Bookends

    Bookends can help prevent your books from shifting during the move and getting damaged. Bookends can help prevent your books from shifting during the move and getting damaged. If you have a lot of books in one box, it’s a good idea to use bookends to keep them in place. You can use cardboard or foam bookends or make your own using heavy-duty cardboard.

    Pack Rare or Valuable Books Separately

    If you have rare or valuable books in your collection, it’s a good idea to pack them separately. Wrap them in acid-free paper or plastic sleeves, and place them in a sturdy box. Consider transporting them yourself rather than putting them in a moving truck or shipping them.

    Use Suitcases with Wheels

    If you have suitcases with wheels, you can use them to pack your books. This will make it easier to move your books around and prevent strain on your back or arms. Just distribute the weight evenly between your suitcases to prevent them from becoming too heavy or difficult to move.

    Pack Books with Fragile Items

    If you have fragile items, such as glassware or ceramics, you can use your books to help protect them. Pack your fragile items in a box, then place your books around them to cushion them during transport. This will help prevent your fragile items from getting damaged during the move.

    Wrap Your Books in Plastic

    You can use plastic wrap or plastic bags to seal your books tightly. If you’re worried about your books getting wet during the move, you can wrap them in plastic. This will help protect them from water damage and keep them dry.

    Use Bubble Wrap or Foam

    In addition to using packing paper to wrap your books, you can use bubble wrap or foam to provide extra protection. This is especially useful for books with delicate covers or corners. Wrap the bubble wrap or foam around the book and secure it with tape.

    Use a Layer of Padding

    Use a layer of padding at the bottom of the box to provide extra cushioning for your books. Using crumpled packing paper, a few sheets, or foam, you can create a protective layer. This will help absorb any impact during transport and prevent damage to your books.

    Use a Vacuum Sealer

    Consider using a vacuum sealer if you have rare or valuable books that need extra protection. This will create an airtight seal around your books and protect them from moisture, dust, and pests. Use a sealer specifically designed for books, as some sealers can damage the covers or pages.


    Packing your books for a move can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With careful planning and preparation, you can ensure your books stay safe during the move. By following these packing tips and using suitable materials, you can protect your books and make sure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

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