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    Interstate and Country Backloading Removalists

    Backloading removals means better rates for interstate and country moves with the same premium service

    Smart Moving – Country and Interstate Backloading Removalists

    If you have some flexibility with your moving date you can get the best of both worlds by using our interstate backloading removalists :- 

    • You will obtain the same premium white glove removal service that we provide for each and every move including backloading removalists.
    • You will obtain a lower rate on what is already a great value for money removal service. 

    Backloading – What Is It?

    Backloading is super smart moving.  Optimove provide two types of backloading removalists service.

    Please give us a call on 1300 400 874 and will quickly address any questions you may have.

    Full Truck Premium Backloading Removalists service

    This Premium Backloading removalist service allows you to book a truck returning from a completed move specifically and only for your furniture and household goods.  Premium backloading removalists do command a somewhat higher fee than shared backloading removalists services as your goods and only your goods will be loaded onto the truck and delivered straight to you.  This type of moving is super smart and benefits us and you.  We won’t have an empty truck returning from a long interstate move and you will have the same 1st class Optimove service at a much-reduced rate.  Please note for Premium Backloading (no sharing) the rates are however somewhat higher than those provided on the Interstate Backloading Pricing table below.

    Shared Backloading Removalists

    Our Shared Backloading removalists allows customers who have only a few items to book space on one of our trucks returning from a completed interstate move.  Thus your goods and the goods of other customers in the same situation as you will be loaded onto the same truck for the interstate journey.  As you are sharing the truck with others, naturally the cost is shared too, making Shared Backloading a very smart choice for those with only a limited amount of items.  Again as for all our removal services, you will have five star services and for Shared Backloading these five-star services are provided at a truly unbeatable price.

    Given that on a daily basis we are moving furniture interstate along the eastern seaboard there is a very good chance that we can accommodate the particular date and time that suits you for your relocation.

    Please call us at 1300 400 874 as soon as (or even before) you start to plan your interstate move.

    Optimove Interstate Backloading Removalists Routes

    Our backloading removalists services are available for interstate moves along the eastern seaboard of Australia, from Cairns right through to Melbourne and vice versa including:-

    From Brisbane to MelbourneFrom Melbourne to Brisbane
    From Brisbane to CanberraFrom Canberra to Brisbane
    From Brisbane to CairnsFrom Cairns to Brisbane

    Backloading Rates

    At Optimove we do not believe in hiding costs, all our rates including our rates for Shared Backloading are published on this website and are easy-to-understand.

    When quoting you for our Shared Backloading service we will use the table below which is provided for your use too.  Our final backloading removals quote will include all costs including tolls, packing and unpacking (should you require this service), fuel costs and any additional insurance that you may wish to take out. 

    Shared Interstate Backloading Pricing

    Please note this is standardised pricing – this may change subject to difficult access

    Up to 900km

    Brisbane to Mackay (and vice versa)

    900km – 1,800km

    Brisbane to Melbourne (and vice versa)





    Guide To Average Move Sizes

    SizeHome equivalentOffice equivalent
    25 m32 bedroom apartment or house4-6 staff office
    45 m33 bedroom apartment or house10-12 staff office
    55 m34 bedroom house13-15 staff office
    65 m35 bedroom house16-18 staff office
    100 m3mansion25 staff office

    **Please contact one of our Communication Consultant for our Premium Backloading, full truckload service on 1300 400 874.

    The Premium Service Advantages that Optimove Provide

    Most furniture removalists offer backloading on interstate routes.  Backloading with Optimove Furniture Removals does however provide some advantages that you probably won’t get with other removalists, this includes:-

    • As previously stated you will have a red carpet move with all the bells and whistles that apply to our premium instate moves. Your goods will be handled with care and safely protected.  Treasured and valuable items will also receive specialised attention and care they need.
    • Optimove trucks are all modern, reliable, fully equipped with tail ramps, felt blankets and trolleys, etc.
    • We offer our full services to backloading customers as well, this includes packing and unpacking, dismantling and reassembling large or difficult items.
    • We do not stint on our backloading smart movers, you too have the option of purchasing sturdy removal boxes from us at half price.
    • Your goods will be safe and secure with us, they will stay on the truck from pick-up to drop-off, no double-handling means far less danger of damage or loss and a much quicker move for you too.
    • 24-48 hour delivery – Get in your house quicker, no need to pay for expensive hotels or wait days or weeks for your furniture to arrive.

    Contact Optimove For Superior Interstate Backloading Removalists

    Please call us on 1300 400 874 as soon as (or even before) you start to plan your interstate move.

    The sooner you call us, the greater the chance there is of us being able to provide you with backloading removalists that will move with your moving schedule.


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