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Optimove is your professional office removalists Brisbane, local, and interstate. We are your office movers from and to Brisbane to the Gold Coast and all areas in-between.

Moving to a new office or business does not have to be difficult. Optimove Removalist Brisbane team are experts at moving office furniture and equipment, and we take care of every detail.

Our office removals team offers superior red carpet treatment and personalised service. You can limit downtime (if any) and discard your worries and concerns about office removalists in Brisbane.

Please give our office movers a call on 1300 400 874 and we will quickly address any questions you may have on office relocations.

With the help of our office movers, (including after-hours and weekend office removalists), your staff will be able to continue their work, and your clients and customers will not be disturbed.  If you need our office relocation team to undertake the move during office hours, there will naturally be some interruption.

However, the professional Optimove teams have office relocations down to a fine art… We work with speed and care to prevent any time/income losses for your business. As office movers, we are used to working our way around businesses, at prioritising and managing local office moves.

Thus our business relocation team and packing services crew can time things just how you need them so that the most necessary goods can be loaded last and delivered first. We will make your office relocations as smooth and as hassle-free as possible.

Moving to a New office with Optimove Office Removalists Brisbane

At Optimove, we have an excellent reputation for outstanding old-world office movers service. We successfully tackle the big and the small—and nothing is too short.

Our office relocation specialists take extra special care of all items, from large and valuable goods (such as the boardroom table or useful artwork) to the nuts and bolts required for furniture assembly. Our friendly and fully trained office movers have many years of experience between them, so they know how to get the job done punctually and efficiently with minimal disruption to your business.

Along with our fleet of fully serviced company prime movers, complete with tail lifts and all the necessary equipment, Optimove office movers provide the perfect end-to-end business relocation solutions.

Dismantling, Reassembling Large Items, Packing & Unpacking

As premium office furniture movers, we can provide professional full packing and unpacking services. Our business customers value our office relocation staff and our speedy yet careful dismantling and reassembling of furniture and workstations. As a result, our service allows your employees to walk into the new office and start work immediately.

Our Open and Honest Pricing Policy

A feature that puts Optimove office removals in a class of its own as choice local office movers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast is our upfront and transparent approach to pricing.  We don’t believe in underquoting and under-delivering; with us, everything is above board and open.

When providing you with a commercial moving quote for your office relocation, we use the pricing table below. This table will also help you find out the level of removal costs you can expect with Optimove Furniture Removalists. Interstate office removal costs are available on the interstate pricing page.

Insured Removals and Storage Options

If you want to move your Brisbane office, movers Brisbane can take care of all the logistics. They ensure everything gets moved safely and securely, from packing and transporting your office furniture to IT equipment.

With insured removals and storage options available for any professional office, businesses can be confident that their belongings are safe during each stage of the relocation process. All office movers Brisbane boast of a professional work ethic, so you know that your office removals and relocation will be taken care of with the utmost respect.

A Sunshine Coast Relocation Service You Can Trust

Business owners needing relocation service to move their office location to a new Brisbane office can count on Optimove. With our reliable and experienced team of experts, we can provide stress-free relocation service, taking care of all aspects of the move, including packing, moving and storage.

We understand that time constraints can be an issue when organising office relocations in the Sunshine Coast, so we offer efficient and professional services to help meet tight deadlines. Our professional packing teams are experienced in handling furniture, IT equipment and other office items, with the additional option of storage facilities for your convenience.

At Optimove, we ensure that everything is taken care of when you move location so you can focus on getting your business back up and running in its new location. We will provide a detailed floor plan to help make a move as smooth and organised as possible, as well as take into account any specific requirements you may have, such as the need for packing services

Optimove is the perfect choice for your office move and office furniture relocation if you’re relocating to or from the Sunshine Coast. With our vast range of services and experienced team, we can ensure that your relocation is stress-free and hassle-free. Contact us today to find out more!

Office Removalists Brisbane Pricing Table

Brisbane to/from the Gold Coast and all areas in-between

* We will determine your exact needs and removalists costs when we book your move; so call us today

An Extra Pair Of Hands

To make your business move even faster and stress-free, consider hiring an extra pair of hands on your job. Time is money, and an extra man allows the team to be more efficient and stay fresher. This will decrease the overall move time and let you and your staff get back to what they do best in the quickest time.

Number #1 Professional Office Movers

Is your office or workplace in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area? Are you planning to move to a different building in the future? Be sure to choose the best local office removalists in Brisbane, Optimove Office Removalists.

Our superior service, open pricing policy, and complete focus on you, the customer, create the perfect office relocation experience and presents you with a launching pad for your future. Please give our movers Brisbane a call on 1300 400 874 and we will quickly address any questions you may have.


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