Our furniture removal business is offering an essential service under the transport and logistics category, and therefore, we are still fully operational during the covid-19 pandemic. If you live near Brisbane and plan on moving during the outbreak, we can help you move safely. Our business has recently made some adjustments to the process and services to provide the best moving experience that is also Covid-Safe. Call us now at 1300 400 874 for a free quote.

Optimove Makes it Safe For You to Move During the Pandemic

Since we adhere to the COVID-19 Safety Plan, we will move you during this time. All our movers are vaccinated and well-trained to handle Covid-19. Our expertise in the transport and logistics industry is your advantage now during this pandemic outbreak, as we can move you quickly and safely without causing any harm to you or others. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly to discuss rates with you. Call today at 1300 400 874.

The furniture removal service requires special precautions when handling items contaminated by Covid-19 virus particles. Our removalists take every precaution possible, including wearing full-body protection suits complete with respirators before entering a property.

Packing Services

Our masked removalists can do packing for you that include carefully wrapping your possessions before transporting them to a new location. We can take care of the entire moving process by arranging storage units and transport locations.

Don’t lift a finger; let us do all the work. Our pre-pack teams arrive the day before your move and have your home or office packed and secured before the big day. Our moving company can even help with the unpacking in your new home.

In addition to the packing materials, our packers are also equipped the face masks and hand sanitisers to keep you and your family safe. We are committed to offering you an excellent moving service at affordable rates through our direct-to-customer pricing model. Don’t wait for the Covid outbreak to finish; our removalists Brisbane team can move you now – give us a call today for more information.

Packing Services
Packing Services

What Should Customer Do While Moving During COVID Outbreak

Customers also have a role to play in a Covid-Safe move. We have some guidelines for you to ensure your safety as well as our team safety.

  • If you are taking yourself, we will provide you with safe packing materials from our end.
  • Customers should not make any physical contact with the removalists during the move.
  • Customers should wear face masks while communicating with our removals team.
  • We encourage customers to sanitize their hands before touching furniture items that our team will handle.

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Call our removalist team now to see just how smooth and safe your move can be during the COVID-19 outbreak. Get a free quote online now or call us at 1300 400 874. Our experienced removalists at Optimove take the stress out of moving!

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