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    The Most Unusual Things People Have Moved: Strange Stories from Moving Day

    The Most Unusual Things People Have Moved: Strange Stories from Moving Day

    By Karen Thorogood | April 19, 2023

    Many people find moving day to be a tense ordeal. There’s packing, sorting, cleaning, and then the act of transferring everything. The moving day may also contain some fairly out-of-the-ordinary stuff for certain people.

    Here are some of the weirdest things individuals have relocated, ranging from the outlandish to the potentially lethal.

    A Full-Sized Shark

    You read that correctly. A Florida couple made waves in 2014 for transporting a full-size taxidermy shark from their previous residence to their new one. The couple had purchased the shark as a home decoration, and now that they were moving, they were adamant about bringing their prized possessions along. The 5-foot-long shark was wrapped in plastic and attached to a special platform before being moved by a professional moving firm.

    A Menagerie of Miniature Figurines

    Despite the common perception that garden gnomes are only whimsical ornaments, one English couple took them quite seriously. Throughout the years, the couple had amassed a collection of more than 150 gnomes, and when they chose to downsize, they were adamant about bringing their collection with them. The movers they hired had to wrap each gnome in bubble wrap and keep them safely in boxes.

    Moving House with a Giant Mushroom

    When a family in Victoria, Australia, decided to relocate, one of their biggest concerns was how they would transfer their gigantic mushroom. The 30-kilogram mushroom had been a staple in the family’s garden for decades. Moving companies had to take extra precautions to guarantee the mushroom survived the trip to its new home by wrapping it in plastic and using a specially designed crate to transport it so it would not get left behind.

    A Live Beehive

    It’s not recommended to relocate a live beehive when moving house, but for one California family, it was a must. After years of keeping bees, the family took their colony to their new house. They had a professional beekeeper gently wrap the hive in netting and place it on a transport platform. The relocation went smoothly, and the family is now enjoying the honey produced by their pets. This has to be one of the weirdest thing carried out when moving home, but this is not enough to rattle an experienced team.

    A Giant Rubber Duck

    A British artist was asked to make a giant rubber duck for an exhibition in Hong Kong and had no idea that it would travel halfway across the world to get there. But that is precisely what occurred when the show closed and the duck needed to be relocated. A shipping container transported the deflated duck by water to its new home.

    A Replica of the Batmobile

    For one Batman fan in California, a replica of the Batmobile was the ultimate prize. When he decided to move to a new home, he knew he had to take his Batmobile to his new property. The moving company had to work hard to carefully disassemble the car and pack it into a special crate for the journey.

    A Collection of Human Skulls

    Some people enjoy making a hobby out of collecting human skulls. Nevertheless, when one man in Arizona decided to relocate his collection, he encountered some unusual difficulties. Because of the potential for contamination, human skulls cannot be moved using a standard moving truck. To comply with safety rules, the man needed to employ a specialised company authorised to carry hazardous items, and the skulls were to be packaged and labelled with extreme care.

    A Full-Sized Dinosaur Skeleton

    A Texas museum acquired a full-size dinosaur skeleton, and the institution had to figure out how to move it from Montana. The skeleton was quite a sight at 2,500 pounds and 35 feet long. To safely move the skeleton to the museum, the company had to disassemble it and employ many vehicles meticulously.

    A Vintage Airplane

    It’s no easy task to transport an antique plane, but for one Texas family, it was a lifelong dream come true. The family intended to relocate their repaired World War II-era plane to a new hangar at the local airport. It had to be removed and put into a specialised trailer to move the aircraft. It took many days and a crew of specialists to relocate the jet safely.

    A Full-Sized Replica of the Millennium Falcon

    One man in Tennessee went above and beyond for Star Wars fans by building a life-size replica of the Millenium Falcon on his lawn. When he finally decided to relocate, he faced the enormous challenge of transporting the spaceship. The Falcon had to be taken apart and shipped in sections, with each piece receiving special attention to ensure it arrived safely. Reassembling the Falcon in his new backyard took several days, but the man finally made it there.

    A Prehistoric Woolly Mammoth Skeleton

    When a family in Colorado decided to move, they had the challenge of relocating their most treasured possession – a woolly mammoth skeleton. The ancient relic weighed over 1,000 pounds and was several feet in length. Specialised transport was needed for the job, and an entire team was hired to lift, package, and move the skeleton with extreme care. The mammoth took a long journey across the country before finally being reunited with its owners in their new home.

    A Collection of Antique Dental Equipment

    One New York collector’s prized collection of antique dental equipment might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of odd things to transport. Moving his dental chairs, drills, and other instruments to his new home presented a significant issue. The objects had to be packaged and labelled with extreme precision, and the movers had to guarantee their safe arrival at their destination.

    A Collection of Vintage Arcade Games

    For one man in Oregon, collecting vintage arcade games was a passion. He knew he had to take his collection when he moved to a new home. The moving company had to carefully disassemble each game and pack it into special crates for the journey. The move took several days and required a team of experts to ensure each game arrived safely.

    A Vintage Ferris Wheel

    A couple from Western Australia knew they needed a showpiece attraction when they planned to create a vintage-themed amusement park. A historic Ferris wheel was shipped to the amusement park in New South Wales. The moving company had to deconstruct the Ferris wheel and load the pieces into specialised crates, ensuring everything was properly labelled and secured.

    A 100-Year-Old Grandfather Clock

    One South Australian family held dear a grandfather clock that had been in the family for a century. They realised they had to take the clock with them when they relocated. The clock needed to be dismantled and placed in a custom crate for the trip. The movers took extra care in packing the clock, which was delivered safely to its new home.

    A Hot Air Balloon

    When a family in Utah decided to move, they had an unusual piece of equipment on their hands – a hot air balloon. To relocate the balloon, it had to be carefully taken apart and loaded onto multiple trailers for transport to the new home. It was a tricky job and required extra precision due to the delicate nature of the equipment. The family was relieved when their balloon arrived safely at its destination.

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