Moving Washing Machine

Moving a washing machine is not always easy, but it can be done by hiring appropriate movers like Optimove. Moving the washer from one place to another is an entire process that needs special attention and consideration as there are several things you need to think about before moving out.

Our Process For Washing Machine Moving

Step 1: We will empty your washing machine. Then we assess the washing machine to understand its structure, weight and how it will be moved. Then we decide on a way of moving that considers your safety and damage control. Step 2: We will switch off water valves. Step 3: we will remove the drain hose from the machine and let water drain out into the sink or a bucket. Moving a washer should always be done with great care and understanding, which our movers specialize in. We then wrap them carefully using stretch film or shrink-wrap depending on the type you have. Our team also dismantles any parts attached by bolts, so nothing gets broken during transit, for example, doorknobs, etcetera. When all this has been completed, we reassemble these elements after moving to ensure they are still intact before leaving your residence/premises. Moving a washing machine without transit bolts will run the serious risk of damaging your machine, so we strongly advise against it.

Preparing The Machine

First, we will come and prepare your machine and make it ready to move – we will remove all transport bolts and pack the Washing Machine in a special box. You need to insert shipping bolts into the back of the washing machine prior to moving. If you have misplaced your instruction manual, you can often find an online version of your manual by looking up your washing machine brand and model number. We recommend you place the water supply hoses and drain hoses inside the washer drum so they don’t get misplaced during the move. The preparation stage includes disconnecting the washer from the power supply, turning off the water supply, draining the water hoses, placing the transit bolts, and more. Our professional removalists help you move your washing machine. You should read the user manual first if you will move your home appliance like a washing machine on your end.

washing machine movers
washing machine movers

Secure The Washing Machine

Once the washing machine is ready, we begin to secure it using stretch film or shrink-wrap, depending on the type you have. Our team also dismantles any parts attached by bolts, so nothing gets broken during transit, for example, doorknobs, etcetera. We will secure the furniture blankets to the washer with packing tape or shrink wrap. We know exactly what it takes to move a washing machine from house to house. We can be a move for any appliance, not only for washing machines.

Loading And Unloading

Once the process is done, we load the machine to our truck and secure it with straps so that nothing moves during transit. We also place signs on your washing machine showing which way is up. After that, once we will reach the destination, we will dismantle it using proper tools. Once the machine is disassembled, our team will help you carry it between distances of half a meter or more by holding it on either side with their hands. Then we will attach wheels for easy movement around your property and load them onto dollies if required before carrying them into any room where needed. Finally, once everything has settled down after moving the washing machine, we can reattach parts removed earlier, like door knobs, etcetera. Trust Optimove to safely move your washing machine.

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