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    Understanding the Cost of Hiring Professional Movers

    Understanding the Cost of Hiring Professional Movers

    By Karen Thorogood | May 4, 2023

    Hiring professional movers can make your life easier when relocating, but it can also come at a cost. It’s essential to understand the expenses associated with hiring professional movers so that you can budget accordingly. This blog post will discuss the cost of hiring professional movers and provide budgeting tips.

    The Cost of Hiring Professional Movers

    The cost of hiring professional movers or a moving company depends on several factors:


    The distance you need to move your belongings is one of the main factors affecting the overall cost. A long-distance move typically requires more labour and services and a moving truck or two, making them much more expensive.

    Number of Movers Needed

    The number of movers needed for a job will also affect the total cost. If fewer movers are used, it can lead to longer moving times and increased labour costs. On the other hand, hiring movers can make a job faster and easier but may cost more in payroll.

    Size and Weight of Items

    Moving bigger items like furniture or heavy appliances requires more effort, adding to the total moving costs. Conversely, moving more minor things like books or clothes requires less effort and packing materials from the moving company, so those tasks are typically cheaper than moving heavier objects.

    Packing Materials and Services

    Packing services can range from simple packing materials to complete packing services, including hiring professional packers to do everything for you. This increases the overall cost of the moving services but saves time and energy while ensuring that all your items are safely packed away during transport.

    Fuel Costs & Delivery Fees

    Movers may charge additional fuel expenses and delivery fees depending on where you are located and how far away your destination is from their business office/warehouse locations. Factor these extra charges into your budget when considering different quotes from movers.

    Insurance Coverage & Valuation Protection

    Hiring a moving company includes insurance coverage against damage or loss incurred during transport,t but this varies by the company since some offer a basic range. In contrast, some professional moving companies provide higher levels of protection at additional costs, which should also be factored into the moving company cost when hiring local movers.

    Additional Services & Extra Fees

    A local moving company may also charge extra fees for certain services,s such as assembling furniture or handling specialty items like pianos or pool tables. Before you hire professional movers, these should be discussed before any agreement regarding pricing and payment terms.

    Tips & Gratuities When Hiring Movers

    Gratuities or tips are generally not included in most moving company costs, but leaving a tip at least equal to 10-20% per cent of your total bill is customary. This should also be factored into your final budgeting plans for your relocation project.

    Time Of Day/Night Charge Rates

    Moving companies could charge higher rates if they hire them during peak hours (in the evening) versus hiring them in off-peak hours (in the morning). Asking about time-based discounts when scheduling services could help you save money in the long run.

    Availability Of Supplies & Equipment

    When you hire movers, they may need to rent specialised equipment, such as lifts or dollies depending on what needs to be moved into or out of your home. This could add to their overall billable time/expenses associated with completing your job. Hence, asking about any required supplies before agreeing on a price quote for services rendered is essential.

    It’s essential to consider these additional services when budgeting for your move. While they can add to the cost of hiring professional movers, they may also be necessary, depending on your needs. Discussing your options with a moving professional can help you decide which services are worth the investment.

    Modern removalist trucks
    Modern removalist trucks

    How to Budget for a Professional Moving Company

    Once you have an understanding of the factors that influence the cost of hiring professional movers, you can start budgeting for it:

    Get Professional Moving Quotes

    Once you have identified a few reputable moving companies, it is essential to get detailed quotes from each one to compare prices and decide which company to hire. Ask for itemised charges detailing the exact labour cost, materials, extra services, etc., for a long-distance or local move.

    Ask About Hidden Fees & Additional Charges

    Most moving companies will include an estimate of the extra charges in their quotes, but it’s important to double-check if anything needs to be included, such as fuel surcharges or packing supplies costs. These additional fees can add up quickly, so ask about them beforehand to avoid surprises when your final bill arrives.

    Research Insurance Coverage Options

    Accidents happen,n and not all movers offer insurance coverage for damages or loss during a move. Research various company policies beforehand and factor additional insurance coverage costs into your budget if necessary.

    Factor In Payment Fees & Other Costs

    Be sure to factor in payment fees that some movers may charge when paying with a credit card or other methods, such as bank transfers, depending on the provider’s specific policies. Additional costs may be associated with using special equipment like lifts or dollies needed for large or heavy items, which should also be considered.

    Look For Discounts & Promotions

    Ask about any special promotions or discounts available when booking, which could help lower your overall costs, like military discounts or student deals if applicable. Additionally, look online for promo codes offered by some movers that you might qualify for during certain times of the year, such as holidays.

    Plan & Book Ahead Of Time

    Booking your move ahead of time gives you more bargaining power over pricing since most companies offer better rates when booking during slow times versus peak times (like weekends), so plan accordingly and book well in advance if possible.

    Take Inventory Of Your Items

    Taking inventory of everything you need moved beforehand helps ensure that items are accounted for on the day of the move, saving time and money (and headaches!) from having to pay for missing items later down the line.

    Downsize To Reduce Moving Costs

    Please take this opportunity to get rid of unwanted items by selling them online, donating them to charity, or throwing away/recycling old items; this will drastically reduce the amount of material you need to move and, thus, significantly lower your overall moving cost.

    Research Local Regulations About Moving Companies

    Thoroughly research local regulations regarding movers to determine if any restrictions govern businesses within specific areas could impact overall cost depending on where you live (e.g., taxes imposed upon companies operating within particular jurisdictions). Knowing all applicable rules can help ensure a smooth transition while minimising unexpected additional expenses associated with the move.

    Create a Moving Budget

    Knowing how much you will spend on your move is essential to creating a realistic budget for your relocation project. When creating your budgeting plan, remember to factor in additional costs such as fuel expenses, insurance coverage, packing supplies, and other related expenses.

    Modern removalist trucks
    Modern removalist trucks


    It’s essential to do the proper research and planning when hiring a mover. By considering factors such as hidden fees, insurance coverage options, payment fees, discounts, and local regulations regarding moving companies, you can ensure that you get the best value for your money.

    At Optimove, we understand the stress of relocating and are here to help make your move as smooth and cost-effective as possible. Contact us today to discuss how our professional moving company can help with your next move!

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