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    What Training Do Professional Movers Need?

    What Training Do Professional Movers Need?

    By Karen Thorogood | January 2, 2023

    What Training Do Professional Movers Need?

    A removalist is a person who assists with the packing and transportation of goods from one location to another. They often work with a team or a removal company, and we often see them with moving trucks or vans. A removalist must be properly trained to ensure items’ safe and secure movement from one place to another.

    In Australia, professional removalists are required to obtain accreditation from the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). This accreditation ensures that removalists meet AFRA’s high safety and quality standards.

    This accreditation requires removalists to complete a course in advanced furniture removal, which includes topics such as:

    Safe loading and unloading techniques

    This is needed to handle items and furniture during the moving process safely. Many things can go wrong if the table isn’t loaded and unloaded adequately, including items being damaged or lost in transit.

    The latest health and safety regulations

    These regulations help to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries related to moving activities. Its vital removalists are aware of these so they can adhere to them while on the job.

    Storage techniques

    Removalists must understand how to store items and furniture in the safest way possible. This includes ensuring they’re stored in a secure environment and properly secured during transit.

    Reassembly/disassembly of furniture

    This skill involves learning to assemble and disassemble furniture correctly, which can help prevent damage or breakages during the moving process.

    Correct packing methods

    Removalists need to know how to pack items correctly, as this can help ensure they arrive in one piece. This includes using suitable packing materials and techniques, such as wrapping fragile items properly.

    Proper use of protective padding and materials

    Using the proper protective padding and materials helps to ensure that furniture won’t be damaged during the move. Removalists must understand how to use these materials when handling items correctly.

    Insurance requirements

    Removalists must know the insurance requirements in their area, as this can help them protect themselves and their customers from any losses or damages that may occur during transit.

    Customer service skills

    Removalists also need to understand the importance of customer service. This means being able to handle customer inquiries and complaints professionally, as well as dealing with any issues that may arise during the moving process.

    Hazard identification and risk management

    Removalists also need to be able to identify and manage any potential risks or hazards that may arise during a move. This includes being aware of their surroundings, understanding how to use the equipment correctly, and knowing what safety precautions they should take when moving heavy items.

    Why Should You Hire Only Professional Removalists With Proper Training?

    By completing these courses, professionals can become certified in furniture removal and look forward to a successful career as a removalist. All accredited removalists must maintain accreditation by regularly attending refresher courses or professional development seminars. This ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and regulations.

    Removalists must also hold a current driver’s license, be physically fit, and have the ability to carry heavy items safely. Professional removalists should always wear appropriate safety gear while on the job, including gloves, steel-capped boots, and hi-visibility clothing.

    Professional removalists can help clients move confidently and safely by investing in high-quality training. The best removalists understand that their customers are entrusting them with their most valuable possessions, and they strive to provide a safe, secure and stress-free relocation experience.

    If you need a professional removalist service in Australia, hire one who has completed the proper training and is accredited.

    Professional removalists are fully insured and have the expertise to safely move your items with minimal stress and disruption. Not only will you benefit from their experience, but you’ll also be guaranteed a quality service that complies with all relevant laws and regulations in Australia.

    Tips for Aspiring Removalists for a Rewarding Career

    Removalists earn well in Australia, so this is a good career option. On average, they make between $70,000 and $100,000 per year.

    Here are some tips for aspiring removalists:

    • Make sure you have a valid driver’s license and are physically fit.
    • Research the local industry regulations, best practices and safety requirements before working.
    • Consider undertaking a professional course to gain accreditation.
    • Invest in the right equipment and safety gear, such as gloves and steel-capped boots.
    • Try to network with other removalists to stay up-to-date on industry trends.
    • Make sure you follow all regulations regarding insurance and commercial vehicle usage.
    • Always strive to provide the best possible service to your customers, even if it means going the extra mile.
    • Removalists must be organised and pay attention to detail, as they must properly pack and load items to ensure they are transported safely.
    • Good communication skills: You must communicate effectively with customers and your team members to coordinate the move.
    • Problem-solving skills: There may be unexpected challenges that arise during a move, and it is important to think on your feet and come up with solutions.
    • Willingness to learn: It is helpful to be open to learning new skills and techniques, as there may be ongoing training and professional development opportunities in this field.

    Be Prepared Before Working at a Moving Company

    Being a professional mover requires dedication, physical strength, and a commitment to providing customers with the best possible service.

    Professional movers must be well-trained and certified before taking on any jobs, especially working with heavy loads and driving a moving truck. This ensures they will know how to safely move heavy items and handle potential risks or hazards that may arise during relocation.

    Aspiring employees can look forward to a successful career providing excellent service and great customer experience by investing in their education and developing the right skills.

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