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    Cost of Living in Brisbane

    Cost of Living in Brisbane

    By Karen Thorogood | March 6, 2023

    Cost of Living in Brisbane

    Brisbane is one of Australia’s most vibrant cities, offering many cultural, dining and entertainment experiences. It is also known for its affordable cost of living, making it an attractive destination for many people looking to relocate and start a new life. This article will provide an overview of the living costs in Brisbane, including housing, transportation, food and other expenses.

    Housing Costs in Brisbane

    Buying an apartment in Brisbane can be expensive, but many factors can influence the cost.

    • For a one-bedroom apartment located within the city centre of Brisbane, the average cost is 2,421.35 A$, with prices ranging from 1,700.00 to 2,875.00 A$.
    • On the other hand, on average, those seeking to purchase a three-bedroom three-bedroom apartment will have to pay a much steeper fee of 3,918.44 A$, with prices ranging from 3,000.00–4,400.00 A$.

    Looking outside the city centre brings us to much more affordable apartment purchasing options.

    • One-bedroom apartments cost 2,056.47 A$ on average and range from 1,500.00–2,400.00 A$, while three-bedroom apartments tend to cost 2,403.79 A$, with prices going up to 2,800.00 A$.
    • Renting an apartment in Brisbane is the more affordable option for many people, costing 1,329.52 A$ on average for a one-bedroom place and 2,012.88 A$ for a three-bedroom apartment.
    • Prices range from 1,000.00–1,700.00 A$ and 1,500.00–2,400.00 A$ respectively.

    Transportation Costs in Brisbane

    Getting around Brisbane doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can add up if you’re not careful.

    If you plan on taking public transport, a one-way ticket will cost 5.50 A$ on average, with prices ranging from 3.70-8.50 A$. If you need to travel regularly and want to save money, you can purchase a monthly pass for 217.39 A$, though prices range from 160.00–250.00 A$.

    Taxis are another form of transportation available in Brisbane, but be aware that fares differ depending on the time and distance of your journey. The starting fare is 6.00 A$, with subsequent kilometres costing 2.17 A$ each and an additional fee of 60.00 A$ per hour for waiting time incurred during your journey.

    Finally, for those travelling by car, gasoline currently costs 2.12 A$ per litre, so make sure to factor this into your budget when planning your trips around town!

    Food Costs for Four Estimated Monthly Costs

    Food shopping and dining out don’t have to break the bank in Brisbane. Here’s a list of average prices of food items across restaurants and markets:


    • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: 25.00 A$ (15.00–45.00 A$)
    • Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course: 130.00 A$ (70.00–230.00 A$)
    • McMeal at Mcdonald’s (or Equivalent Combo Meal): 15.00 A$ (12.40–16.00 A$)
    • Domestic Beer (0.5-litre draught): 11.00 A$ (7.00–14.00)
    • Imported Beer (0.33-litre bottle): 11.50 A$ (8.00–14.00)
    • Cappuccino (regular): 5.33 A$ (4.00–7.00 A$)


    • Milk costs 2.35 A$ per litre in Brisbane,
    • 500g loaf of fresh white bread would cost about 3.70 A$.
    • Rice (white) would cost 3.28 A$ per kg,
    • Eggs (12) would cost 5.50 A$.
    • Local cheese is available for 14.84 A$ per kg
    • Chicken fillets for 12.64 A$ per kg.
    • Beef round or equivalent back leg red meat can be purchased for 23.57 A$ per kg
    • Apples for 4.84 A$ per kg,
    • Bananas are available for 3.94 A$ per kg
    • Oranges for 5.19 A$ per kg.
    • Tomatoes can be bought at 7.06A$/kg

    Everyday grocery prices in Brisbane are very reasonable.

    Utility Costs in Brisbane

    Living in Brisbane doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s a list of average monthly utility costs for an 85m2 apartment:

    • Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage): 314.50 A$ (180.04–391.67 A$)
    • 1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans): 0.70 A$ (0.50–0.99 A$)
    • Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL): 89.00 A$ (59.00–119.00 A$)

    Leisure and Entertainment Estimated Monthly Costs

    Brisbane is a great place to experience various leisure and entertainment activities. Here’s a list of average prices for the same:

    Sports And Leisure

    • Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult: 74.50 A$ (30.00–125.00 A$)
    • Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend): 29.56 A$ (18.00–40.00 A$)
    • Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat: 20.00 A$ (14.00–25.00 A$)

    These prices are just an average, so you’ll likely find deals or discounts when planning your leisure activities in Brisbane!

    Clothing And Shoes

    • 1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar): 134.94 A$ (70.00–169.00 A$)
    • 1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, …): 87.55 A$ (30.00–125.00A $)
    • 1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range): 204.59 A$ (120.00–250.00A $)
    • 1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes: 202.75 A (100.00–300.00A $)

    Although living in Brisbane can be pretty expensive for a family of four, with estimated monthly costs without rent totalling (6,119.0A$), it is still easier on the wallet than a single person with estimated monthly fees without rent of (1,725.7A$). Despite the expense, Brisbane provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy leisure and entertainment activities worth the investment.

    Salaries And Financing

    The average monthly net salary after tax in Brisbane is 5,316.95 A$, meaning that you have a good standard of living if you are employed in the city.

    Financing options are also quite favourable, with a Mortgage Interest Rate of 4.91% over a 20-year fixed-rate period, which is very competitive compared to other major cities worldwide. This makes it easy for locals to purchase property, whether first-time buyers or those looking to invest.

    Overall, Brisbane provides residents with good salaries and advantageous financing conditions, making it an ideal destination for those who want to improve their quality of life through employment and real estate investments.

    Strategies to Minimise Living Expenses and Maximise Savings

    The cost of living in Brisbane is relatively high, and it’s essential to take advantage of strategies that can help minimize your expenses and maximize your savings.

    1. Take advantage of free activities offered by the city: Check out local libraries, parks and beaches for free entertainment and leisure activities.
    2. Use public transit: Public transportation, such as buses and trains, is relatively inexpensive in Brisbane compared to other cities.
    3. Eat out less often: Eating at home is usually much cheaper.
    4. Shop for deals: Look for discounts and sales on groceries, clothing, and other items you must purchase regularly.
    5. Use the city’s natural resources: Take advantage of Brisbane’s sunny climate by drying your clothes in the sun instead of using a dryer.
    6. Use energy-efficient appliances: Invest in energy-efficient appliances to save money on your electricity bill.
    7. Cut down on utilities: Ask the utility companies for discounts or bundle rates when you can, and turn off lights and other electronics when not in use.
    8. Participate in budgeting activities: Create a budget and track expenses to prevent overspending.
    9. Use local resources: Take advantage of free or discounted services offered by the city, such as the public library, local sports teams, and community events.
    10. Utilize technology: Use apps like Groupon and LivingSocial to find coupons and discount offers. Additionally, many banks offer online banking options that make it easier to manage your money.

    Using these tips, you can keep your living costs in Brisbane as low as possible and save as much money as possible.

    Quality of Life in Brisbane, Australia

    Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia, and the third most populous city in the country. The city offers a vibrant culture with plenty of entertainment and attractions. Brisbane also has a lot of parks and green spaces where people can get in touch with nature and relax. Living in Brisbane provides an excellent quality of life for its residents.

    The climate in Brisbane is perfect for outdoor activities, with mild winters and warm summers that provide plenty of sunshine. Many beaches are nearby, making getting a taste of beach life easy. The city is also great to explore, with plenty of shops and restaurants.

    Brisbane is a very safe city overall and has plenty of public transport options, making it easy to get around. The city also has great educational opportunities, with public and private schools available for all ages. Plus, several universities in the area offer a wide range of courses.

    For those looking for a bit of excitement, Brisbane caters to that too. There are plenty of music and theatre venues to explore, as well as museums and art galleries. Sports fans can also enjoy the many professional teams in the city, while leisure activities like fishing, boating, and hiking are also popular.

    Overall, living in Brisbane is a great experience. It has a beautiful climate, entertainment, and excellent educational opportunities. Plus, the city is safe and offers plenty of public transport options. With so much to offer, there’s something for everyone in Brisbane!

    By living in Brisbane, you will enjoy the advantages of a vibrant city with plenty of opportunities to explore and options for leisure activities. With its perfect climate, excellent educational opportunities and safe atmosphere, there’s no doubt that Brisbane is a beautiful place to live!

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