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    Interstate Moving Checklist

    Interstate Moving Checklist

    By Karen Thorogood | May 8, 2019

    Interstate Moving Checklist

    Moving is a hectic time in your life, and if you are moving a long distance from your current residence then the pressures and worries of moving become more pronounced. In order to maintain your sanity and be able to sleep at night, you need to take a deep breath, start organizing your move and accept help from all available resources.

    To get organised and ready for your move you will want to make a checklist of things that have to be done, and when each element must be done. This will let you prioritise what is most important and allow you to take on the moving tasks in an orderly fashion, one day at a time.

    Make your list and check it twice!

    Some of the things you need to include on your moving checklist are:

    • Report address change to friends, family, banks, and creditors
    • Schedule to have utilities shut off at old place on the day you plan to leave
    • Schedule to have utilities turned on at the new place the day before you are scheduled to move
    • Make a list of valuables that you will personally move in your vehicle
    • Make a list of everything you want to take with you. This is important. If you come across items that you are uncertain about then place them on a list to donate, sell, or throw away. Hint: If you have clothing that is too big or too little for you then stop saving it. If your new place is smaller then consider taking fewer possessions. If you have décor that is not going to be suitable in your new home then get rid of it. If you have kitchen gadgets that are covered in dust because they are frequently used then consider not taking them with you.
    • Find a short and long term storage centre near your new address in case you need to store items until you finish painting, or in case you need to move out of your current residence before your new residence is completely ready
    • If you have children you will need to get their school records and pertinent information so you can enrol them in their new school
    • Talk to your doctor about getting your medical records, ask for recommendations for doctors located close to your new residence
    • Fill any prescriptions you take regularly before moving so you do not run out before you can see your new physician
    • Return any library books that you or your family has checked out
    • Find packing supplies
    • Talk to moving specialists and arrange for the services you wish them to do for you such as packing, unpacking, disassembling and reassembling items
    • Arrange for a pet sitter for the day of the move

    Look over your list carefully and decide which things should be done first. Get a calendar and write what item from your list needs to be done each day. Include closet cleanings and yard sale events. Then tackle each item on the list one day at a time.

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