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    Moving Into A Share House: Pros & Cons

    Moving Into A Share House: Pros & Cons

    By Karen Thorogood | January 10, 2020

    Moving Into A Share House: Pros & Cons

    Whether you’re moving out of home for the first time to go to Uni, move to a big city, or want to share a house with some mates, moving into a share house is a big step.

    Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of moving into a share house, to see if it’s best for your needs and lifestyle.

    Pro: New Friends

    If you’re moving to a new town, making friends isn’t always easy. By moving into a shared house, it’s a great way to expand your social circle and meet new people. Living together will help create a bond for a friendship to grow, even if you don’t have much in common with each other.

    Con: Bad Housemates

    Unfortunately, when you move into a share house with strangers, you may not know what kind of bad habits they have, until you’ve already been living there. Housemates from hell often play loud music at odd hours, never cleaning up after themselves, and steal your food. These are just a few of the things which can ruin your shared living experience.

    Even if you’re moving in with friends, it’s true what they say. You never really know someone until you live with them.

    Pro: Having Independence

    While living at home usually comes with many perks. These include free meals, not paying rent, and having your laundry done for you. But, there comes a time for many people to leave the nest and start their own life. Living in a share house gives you the easiest step to independence. Even though you’ll still have housemates, everyone will be responsible for themselves, instead of having to live by your parents’ rules.

    Con: Arguments Over Facilities

    Getting up early and needing to use the bathroom and toilet only for it to be occupied for hours by your housemate is enough to put anyone over the edge.

    There’s also the kitchen, washing machine, and dryer which are likely to be shared. If the thought of sharing these areas with someone makes you shudder, then perhaps looking for your own apartment might be the best option.

    Pro: Sharing Expenses

    The cost of living continues to escalate each year. In major cities, both rent and the cost of food is significantly higher than in other places in the country. When you just move out of home, it’s often hard to make ends meet financially, especially if you’re a student, balancing work with study. Instead of paying bills and rent all on your own, by living in a share house, it helps to reduce your cost of living drastically.

    Con: Confusing Leases

    Rental leases can often be confusing and complicated. While it may seem like everything will work out well at the start, often life throws unexpected curve-balls. If a housemate moves out, there may be extra expenses to cover their rent, find a new housemate, and prepare a new lease. You also need to take care of bond payments, which can get complicated if there is any damage to the property.

    It’s recommended to carefully read the lease before you sign it, and speak to a lawyer if you need any clarification on any clauses.

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