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    Last-Minute moving: Ensuring a Smooth Move in Brisbane

    Last-Minute moving: Ensuring a Smooth Move in Brisbane

    By Karen Thorogood | August 30, 2019

    Last-Minute moving: Ensuring a Smooth Move in Brisbane

    Are you facing an emergency move and looking for a fast relocation to Brisbane? No matter the issue, from an ill family member to a surprise job offer, we can help. A quick move means less time to prepare, so we’ve put together a list of some of the ways you can settle on a removalist company fast, and ensure a smooth move throughout Brisbane.

    1. Make sure you know your consumer rights: As a consumer, you are entitled to certain rights under the law. Removalist companies are no different as a supplier to another company. To ensure you know what is expected (and covered) under the law check out the Queensland Government’s consumer rights FAQs.
    2. Set up a moving schedule: This will first and foremost help you find a removalist company that can adhere to your schedule. Second, this will ensure that you know what is being moved and when.
    3. Select a removalist: Remember to look for good reviews, AFRA accreditation and a friendly and informative manner when it comes to deciding on a removalist company.
    4. Check, and double-check your home and contents insurance!
    5. Develop a packing system: For quick moves, you want moving hacks. Try covering your drawers with cling wrap to keep them organised and avoid packing extra boxes. Pack one room at a time, and label things clearly.
    6. Prepare a change of address checklist: From changes for bills to registration for cars and other vehicles if you’re moving state. It’s important to make sure everything is being sent to the right place.
    7. Attach furniture pieces together: Whether moving quickly, or slow, packing furniture is always a hassle. To minimise stress unscrew table and chair legs, pack screws and small pieces in zip lock bags, and duct tape them to the main part of the furniture.
    8. Get rid of things you don’t need: With a quick move you might not have much time to sell items. However, you will be able to donate and give items away to friends and family.
    9. Double-check that your selected moving company offers speciality services such as balcony lifts and furniture set-up if needed.
    10. Arrange pet and childcare services beforehand. It’s best to move children and pets in once all furniture is unpacked and sorted out.

    Brisbane is a vibrant city, full of life. Moving to Brisbane, or to a new area of Brisbane can be an incredible opportunity to explore one of Australia’s sunniest and most cultured cities. With a thriving private sector, overlooking the beautiful Brisbane River (one of the longest rivers in Australia) you’ll be set to experience an amazing lifestyle once your move goes smoothly.

    When it comes to a fast or emergency move, hiring a quality removalist company that can offer a premium service like packing or unpacking your items can help you with a smart, fast move. Quick moving hacks, a great removalist company, and a moving checklist can ensure your move goes smoothly. If you’re looking to move to Sydney, or across Melbourne, we can help you by providing the best removalist services throughout Brisbane.

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    This moving guide has been provided by Optimove Furniture Removalists, the white glove and red carpet removalists based in Brisbane.  If you need any other assistance please visit the other posts on this website written purely to help families and offices move locally and interstate.

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