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7 reasons for moving to West End, QLD

7 reasons for moving to West End, QLD

By Karen Thorogood | July 8, 2019

7 reasons for moving to West End, QLD

West End a cultural hub attracting new residents from right across Australia

With a rich connection to its traditional occupants – Greek, Indigenous and Vietnamese, West End is located just one kilometre from Brisbane’s CBD, Queensland. The urban community continues to enjoy a strong culturally diverse, bohemian vibe. Despite its increasing popularity, the lifestyle and vibe of the area remain that of the indie, alternate, art and music loving, laid back, open minded individual.

Our team at Optimove relocate many people to West End every year and often once they are there, they don’t leave. Whether you are moving within Queensland or from interstate we can help. Check out our local and interstate services.

We’re sure the locals will tell you there’s many more, but here are seven well known reasons as to why you would move to West End, QLD.

1. Convenience of location

West End is close enough to the city that you can choose how you commute to work. The bus, car, cycle (about 10minutes), a jog (20minutes) or a brisk walk (30minutes).

2. Mixture of dwellings

From large, sleek apartment blocks, to heritage listed homes and simple cottages – there’s something in West End suited to any household.

3. Diversity and culture

As one of Brisbane’s most multicultural suburbs, basically anything goes in West End. This brings a great sense of acceptance and the artistic, colourful and alternative vibe is a testament to those who live and visit the area.

4. Education opportunities

Being less than 20-minutes from Queensland’s major universities, West End is a great spot for students to live whilst studying. With access to the city, great night spots and eateries – the suburb has everything a thriving student looks for.

5. The day and night life

With a wide variety in culture, the suburb matches it’s multiculturism in cuisines and has just about every taste you can think of across a wide selection of restaurants. Time for some drinks after work or uni? There are bars for every personality at the ready.

6. Outdoor adventures

Orleigh Park and Riverside Walk are just around the corner, making this a great area to spend time outdoors. Whether you’re taking advantage of the green open spaces for exercise, picnics, time with the kids or simply absorbing some warm sun, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. Oh, and Jane Street Communal Garden is a spot where the locals grow their own plants and produce.

7. The Paniyiri Greek Festival

At Optimove, we asked our team what their favourite festival was across Brisbane and not surprisingly they love the Paniyiri Greek Festival – held annually in West End. With its originating connection, it’s only fair that West End would host Brisbane’s annual Greek Festival. 2019 marked the festivals 43rd year and had some 60,000 people attend across one weekend in May. Attendee’s experienced cultural programs, live cooking demonstrations, meet and greets and much more. Keep your eyes peeled for the 2020 festival, you may even be calling West End home by then.

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Kay McGrath

No-one likes the thought of moving house, especially on a hot, humid, energy sapping Queensland day. Enter the Optimove team. Motasem rang at 6.30am to tell us he was ahead of schedule .. from there, it was plain sailing! He and Isiah and Matheos hit the ground running – literally. They took care with our furniture, they were professional, polite and funny and nothing was too much trouble. I can certainly recommend Motasem and his team.

Tessa Hardy

My name is Tessa, and this is Finn, and this is Matt. And you guys Mana and Azaya helped us move this morning and have been awesome. You guys were on time, friendly and happy to help. Offering to help any way you could. Everything is fine in moved, and nothing is broken, which is the main thing, and that was quick and efficient, so we heartily recommend you and thank you.