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    Moving from Brisbane To Melbourne – Here’s What You Need To Know

    Moving from Brisbane To Melbourne – Here’s What You Need To Know

    By Karen Thorogood | December 14, 2018

    Moving from Brisbane To Melbourne – Here’s What You Need To Know

    Making a move from Brisbane to Melbourne is a big decision. After all, it’s a complete lifestyle change from the more laid-back and sunny Brisbane. Melbourne is famous for fantastic coffee, laneways to explore, and the footy which goes along with fast-paced city life. You’ll be sure to experience four seasons in a day weather, and notice plenty of hipsters.

    Even if the sun is out in the morning, be sure to pack an umbrella and a jacket as it’s likely to be pouring rain in the afternoon. It’s time to prepare to trade the colourful attire for black and get lost amongst the friendly locals.

    Melbourne has been voted as “the world’s most livable city” which makes it no surprise that it is also the fastest-growing city in Australia.

    Not surprisingly, the growth is due to people migrating to Melbourne from interstate, regional Victoria and overseas.

    If you are making the big move from Brisbane to Melbourne, here’s what you need to know:

    Melbourne Fast Facts:

    • The distance between Melbourne and Brisbane is 1682 km, making it a 2-day drive.
    • Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria with an estimated population of 5 million people

    Every week thousands of people are moving to Melbourne for education, employment opportunities or to enjoy the culture.

    Sports, Sports, Sports

    Melbourne is sports mad, which goes well beyond the cliche. Be prepared to discuss footy (AFL not NRL) at the office and with your friends over some drinks during winter.

    If you don’t have a team, be prepared to pick one on the spot. Are you unsure who to choose? Don’t worry, your colleagues will try to persuade you to ‘barrack’ for their favourite team.

    If you don’t want to cause controversy amongst your new workmates then teams such as Collingwood, Carlton, and Essendon should probably be avoided.

    Then, when the hot weather comes, it’s time to swap the football for the cricket bat and ball!

    Blend In Like a Local

    Melbourne likes to think of itself as Australia’s fashion capital. If you want to fit in like a local and follow local fashion trends, then you should ditch your colourful wardrobe and make sure to pack your black staple clothing.

    Whether you are going to a party, a get together amongst work colleagues, dinner at a fancy restaurant, or visiting a museum or art gallery – the colour of choice is black.

    Coffee Lover’s Dream

    Melbourne has arguably some of the best coffee in the World, and anywhere you look, you will find an amazing coffee shop with a vast variety of coffee, throughout the whole city.

    After first moving to Melbourne, you may find yourself overwhelmed by too many choices, but take your time to explore a few different places and find your favourite. Your friends and work colleagues will also be able to give you a tonne of insider local tips.

    Are you are a latte or cappuccino lover? Or do you fancy a flat white, a long black, or a double espresso shot? Whatever your favourite cuppa there is something to satisfy even the most elitist coffee lover. During the summer indigo yourself with an iced coffee.

    Be on your best behaviour on the Road

    Not only is it important to practice safe driving, but Melbourne is somewhat of a “nanny state” when it comes to enforcing rules.

    Melbourne has hidden speed and red light cameras everywhere. There are huge fines and aggressive demerit point penalties, you can find yourself with a suspended license very quickly.

    Not only do you have to be careful when driving under normal conditions, but Melbourne roads are notorious for hazards and obstacles. Even for experienced drivers. You will need to watch out for trams, parked cars on the street, hundreds of cyclists, and every driver’s nightmare; the dreaded hook turns. Where you need to wait in the left lane to make a right-hand turn after the traffic light has turned red. Many Melbournians avoid hook turns at all costs!

    When driving behind a tram, be sure to stop when it approaches a stop, so that passengers can embark and disembark at the tram stop safely.

    Take Advantage of Trams

    While Melbourne’s train and bus network leaves a lot to be desired, the tram network is excellent. If you wish to travel by public transport, you must buy a Myki card, which is available at train stations, 7-Eleven, and newsagents.

    Each time you ride a tram or any public transport, you must ’touch on’ your card. For train rides, you also need to ’touch off’.

    Trams announce each stop they make, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. But if you do, you can always ask a friendly local for directions.

    Tram Tip:

    Something many people are not aware of is that Melbourne offers free public transport within the ‘Free Tram Zone’ within the city.

    If you travel anywhere within this zone, you don’t have to have a Myki card to use a tram. For more information, check out Melbourne’s free tram zone to see the boundaries for free travel.

    Be sure to touch on your Myki card if you are going further. Ticket inspectors frequently are waiting at the stops just outside of the free zone, and they won’t hesitate to issue you an on the spot ticket.

    See Penguins For Free

    A lot of people know about the penguin parade at the famous Phillip Island. However the trip can be quite long, and for a family to visit, it can be rather pricey. Perhaps one of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets, that most locals don’t even know about is that there is a colony of up to 1000 penguins that live in St Kilda.

    You can see these penguins for free. Head down to St Kilda (on the number 16 tram) and make your way to the end of the iconic St Kilda Pier. As you take in a gorgeous sunset overlooking the beach, the Little Penguins will make their way out of the water to the rocks below. Be sure not to take any flash photography, as this frightens them.

    Are you relocating from sunny Brisbane to trendy Melbourne? Do you want a removalist you can trust? Optimove Melbourne removalists have helped hundreds of families make the long move down to Victoria. We ensure that your belongings arrive on time and safely. Contact us today for a free quote. Phone 1300 400 874 or email

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