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    How to Plan Your First House Move in Australia

    How to Plan Your First House Move in Australia

    By Karen Thorogood | March 26, 2019

    How to Plan Your First House Move in Australia

    Moving can be tough but it also can be an invigorating time in your life. The difference between a move that is rewarding and uplifting and a move that is stressful and discouraging is the planning that you do before the move.

    Once you have decided that you are going to move and know where you want to move then it is time to do some planning and organizing so that the move is easy to do and as stress-free as possible.

    Prepare Moving Notifications

    You need to sit down and make a list of all of the bills you have and make sure that each of your creditors gets a notification that you are changing your address. This list should also include your financial institutions who will need to know of your address change.

    Make another list of all of your friends and family that you need to notify of the upcoming move.

    Make a Packing Plan

    Before you pack your belongings you need to plan what belongings you will take and what things you are going to discard, sell, or give away. Your packing plan should be as follows:

    1. Plan to pack storage rooms and out of season items first. You are not currently using these items so you can pack them first.
      • If you have not used an item in a long time consider selling or discarding it. This is the time when you can clear away the clutter from your life
      • Donate clothing and household items to charities or give them to friends
      1. Pack your kitchen items but you must leave enough items for you to use until the move.
      2. Pack away all books, pictures and household décor.
        • This is a good time to decide how you will be decorating your new residence so you can determine what things to take and what things to leave
      3. Pack extra linens and throw pillows, curtains, and things of this nature.
      4. Pack your clothing but leave yourself enough clothing to dress in until the move.
      5. Decide if you will do your own packing or if you will hire professionals removalists to do this work for you

      Plan Your Utilities

      You need to notify the utility companies of your upcoming move so you can have all of the water, electric and gas services turned on at the new house and have these things turned off at the house you are moving out of.

      Talk to your Doctor

      If you are moving a long distance from your current address then ask your doctor for recommendations of doctors close to where your new home will be. You can also ask your doctor for a copy of your medical records about moving so when you do go to the doctor in the new location you will be able to show them your past medical history and they will be able to properly administer your medical care.

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