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    10 Time-saving tricks to make your relocation an efficient one

    10 Time-saving tricks to make your relocation an efficient one

    By Karen Thorogood | November 18, 2016

    10 Time-saving tricks to make your move an efficient one

    Everyone wants moving day to be over as quickly as possible, right? Here are 10 simple tips to make sure that your relocation is smooth and speedy.

    1. Create a moving schedule

    A good preparation can make all the difference when the big day comes. Six weeks before your move, start making and using a week-by-week checklist to make sure you’re on top of everything. With time up your sleeve, you will be able to think of all those small details that make a big difference in the end. You won’t have the time to think of all those tasks when it gets close to moving day, let alone time to do them, so a list can be a great asset to you. Click here for one we prepared earlier for you.

    2. Streamline your possessions

    An upside to the moving process that many people overlook is the opportunity to clean out items that you don’t want, and that you definitely don’t want cluttering up your new space. These could include unwanted clothes, books, and even furniture that could be given away, sold or recycled.

    3. Hire a quality moving company

    The right or best removalist can make moving day easy for you. Select removalists not just based on price, but on their reputation, inclusions, transparency, and how committed they are to accommodate your needs.

    4. Plan your packing

    Having a system to your packing will mean you know exactly what goes where, and where everything is once you arrive at your new space. Simple labelling of the boxes can work well, or you can even colour code different spaces with stickers or coloured markers: green boxes for the kitchen, blue for the main bedroom, and so on. Let your movers know your system so they can take boxes exactly where they belong.

    5. Prepare your house for moving day

    Unplug appliances, lights, and any other electronics that you are taking with you – movers will generally need you to do that. Find out any other requirements your moving company has to facilitate their process and team. Also ensure the movers have a clear, unobstructed path from your house to the moving truck.

    6. Stock up on packing supplies

    You won’t want to be running out to buy more markers or packing tape on moving day. Some Premium boxes, but make sure you have enough, plus box cutters, tape, rope, and anything else you need handy.

    7. Pack a welcome box

    You want to be able to reach your new home and enjoy your first night there. Pack one box with all the things you are going to need for a happy first night, such as clothes, toiletries, snacks, medications, and important documents. You’ll be so glad you don’t have to dig to the bottom of a box for your toothbrush.

    8. Give some love to your new home before moving in

    Make time to prepare your new space while it is still empty. This will make it a lot easier to do things like cleaning, painting and repairing.

    9. Create a floor plan

    You would much rather place your large, heavy items into their permanent positions, rather than be moving them around later. Map out a floor plan, taking into account the size of your possessions and of the rooms they will be going into, and minimise moving heavy items. You can even make ‘to scale’ paper cut-outs of your furniture and a floor plan to brainstorm plans on paper, rather than with your back.

    10. Change your address and notify companies before you move

    Make sure you notify your various services of your change of address with plenty of time. Ensure you schedule dates to disconnect your phone, internet, utilities, and arrange them for your new home.

    Following these tips will go a long way to making your move an efficient and worry-free experience. Engaging reliable Brisbane removalists like Optimove will ease your moving day worries and make your upcoming move smooth and stress-free. Call 1300400874 or get in touch online to start planning your move.

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