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    Three Things to Keep in Mind when Selecting a Removalist

    Three Things to Keep in Mind when Selecting a Removalist

    By Karen Thorogood | November 25, 2016

    Three things to keep in mind when selecting a removalist

    Every move is different and each one has new challenges that require your moving team to react quickly and professionally. There are different styles of home and buildings, different items to handle and move, and different clients to achieve positive, clear communication with. Each move also needs individual attention to your budget and timeline.

    So what should you look for when selecting your ideal removal partner? We’ve created a handy list of essential things to consider before you make your final decision.

    Experience equals trust

    There is only one way to build the body of knowledge of the many details that go into delivering a smooth, efficient move, and that is Experience. You want to find removalists that have extensive experience – who has been in as many situations and scenarios as possible, and who knows how to keep delivering at a high standard, no matter what.

    A removalist team is not simply made up of muscly individuals who know how to pick up and put down heavy items (though physical fitness is a significant factor!). Professional movers are people who know how to handle all items, front the finest porcelain to refrigerators, with care and precision. They have an understanding of where the delicate parts are on items, and where are the safe, stable points to lift from. They know the correct order in which items should be packed in the removalist truck. They’ll also know what needs to be dismantled, and how, to be able to be transported safely.

    Furthermore, you want your movers to be a well-coordinated team, who know how to work together harmoniously and efficiently. Check out the requirements of the team leaders of the removals company you are considering. How many moves have they carried out to become a team leader? Also, ensure your removals company looks after the ongoing professional development of their movers. There is a lot that goes into delivering an optimal move, and a company that continues to invest in the training of its staff clearly prioritises delivering the best experience for their clients now and into the future.

    Transparent pricing

    There are many details that go into coordinating a move, and a removals company can make it difficult for you to budget for your move if there is uncertainty around what the final figure will be.

    Look for removalists that tell you their prices upfront, be it on their website or when you call them. It makes it much easier to compare your options. Also look for a clear explanation of what that price includes – and doesn’t. One price many look better than another, but that may be due to minimal inclusions, insurance, or experience. Some services can charge you for a full hour even for five minutes extra work. Again, look for a removals company that tells you upfront how much they charge and how they charge.

    Once you have a clear idea of what you’re getting and for how much, it will greatly assist you to make an informed decision that will deliver the moving experience you need.

    Quick and easy

    No one likes their relocation to drag out, so look for a removals service that has speedy credentials. Also as important as speed is punctuality. You want to avoid delays caused by your removalists, so check out the company’s timing policy, which should include what communication they must have with you around their timeframe.

    Optimove’s commitment

    At Optimove, each move is led by a team leader with a minimum of four years’ experience and at least 600 prior moves completed. We hand-pick our team and team leaders to gather the best people in the relocation business, and we are constantly investing in training so our team will always set the benchmark for removalists in Brisbane. This is why we can confidently ask to put your trust in our hands.

    Our prices and removalists costs are clearly displayed up-front, as is our excellent reputation for speed and efficiency.

    Engaging trustworthy Brisbane removalists like Optimove will ensure your relocation is a stress-free experience. Call 1300 400 874 or get in touch online to start planning your move.

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