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Why You Should Choose Reputable Removalists for your Move to Brisbane

Moving from Rockhampton to Brisbane is not like moving down the street, around the corner or even somewhere within Rockhampton area.  A move to Brisbane from Rockhampton presents more challenges.  Thus we believe a reputable furniture removalists is the best choice for you if you are seeking a service that is efficient, trustworthy and to have peace of mind that your belongings are in good hands.

Moving from Rockhampton to Brisbane means your furniture and household goods will be on the road for over 7 hours.  The Bruce Highway is also not a smooth and easy trip.  More often than not the drive includes watching out for road works, uneven surfaces and some rather unusual driving methods of other vehicles…

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Experienced Drivers

Our drivers are highly experienced in safely moving goods along this stretch of road and goods are delivered intact when packed by us, moved by us and safely strapped into the vehicle by us.  Cutting corners are any one of these steps in the moving process is bad news for a long removal service such as you require.

Cost of Moving with Optimove

Surveys have shown that price is by far the most important factor that people look at when choosing a removal business.  This is good news for us as our rates are very competitive but more importantly we provide a higher standard of service for these fees making us the number one choice for Queenslanders moving home or office.

Optimove have an open pricing policy.  We publish our prices on our website including the often hidden fine print.  Please look at our removalists cost page to get an idea of how much a move with us would cost you.  Then please use either our Contact Form on this Page or our Removal Calculator and we will provide you with a fixed quote once we have all the necessary information.

Then we suggest you obtain quotes from elsewhere by searching ‘removalists Rockhampton to Brisbane’.  We are so confident that our red carpet service at value for money rates cannot be beaten we suggest you obtain quotes from elsewhere.  If you do, please make sure that you compare apples with apples – are their staff permanent fully trained and experienced?  Will they double wrap your large furniture items?  Do they dismantle and re-assemble items for you?  Have they got all the necessary insurance?  Is there any fine print with additional costs hidden within it?

Moving with Optimove

Our superior white glove service includes the following:-

  • Personalised services tailored to your needs from a full service removalists business.
  • Management and staff that are committed to old fashioned service.
  • Hardworking highly capable workers that are so efficient you will be amazed how quickly your goods are carefully packed, moved and strapped into the van.  Then you will be amazed once again at the speed at which your goods are unpacked and placed in the right spot for you.
  • We also disassemble and reassemble any difficult or large items – or any specific items that you request that this is done for.  We will also reconnect white goods for you.
  • We ensure that you lounge suite and other valuable furniture items are firstly wrapped in plastic before we move them.  This protects against dust and dirt. Then once in the van we wrap these items in blankets for further protection.  There is in fact an art to packing a removal truck to maximise the load at the same time as minimising any potential damage through items moving during transit.  Have a look at the truck below packed by Optimove which demonstrates how securely and carefully the items have been loaded and secured in the truck.
  • Company owned vehicles that are modern, roadworthy, regularly serviced and checked before leaving the depot.

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