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    Renters Guide To Move Out Cleaning

    Renters Guide To Move Out Cleaning

    By Karen Thorogood | August 23, 2018

    Renters Guide To Move Out Cleaning

    Hiring removalists and moving all of your belongings from your old property to your new home is only the first stage of the moving process. Long after the last box has been packed into the moving truck and relocated, which is often an exciting process, what remains is an empty house or apartment which still must be cleaned spotlessly. It’s what stands between you and your bond. With the state of housing prices in Australia, the Australian dream of home ownership is being put on hold, with renting is at an all-time high. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost 31% of people are now renting.

    Frequent Moves Are Quite A Hassle

    Along with renting comes frequent moving, and the stresses which come along with it. With 6 and 12-month leases quite standard, it can be quite an overwhelming experience continually moving from place to place, and everything that has to be taken care of at the end of your lease.

    After the lease, to get your bond back, you are required to return the rental property in the same condition and cleanliness as it was when you first moved in at the start of the lease- taking into account fair wear and tear.

    You’re at the mercy of your landlord or agent to satisfy that the condition is up to their standard. Otherwise, you risk having some of the bond deducted for additional cleaning.

    Tips & Tricks To Get Your Bond Back

    Fear not, there are some tips and tricks to follow to ensure you get your full bond back, and the most effective approach for move out cleaning is breaking your house down into sections. It won’t only save you time; it will let you see your progress as you go.

    Here are the renters guide to move out cleaning.


    The kitchen is often one of the most time-consuming areas to clean at the end of the lease. It’s also one of the most common reasons why an amount is deducted from the bond.

    It’s crucial in the kitchen to clean:

    • Every surface area
    • Both the interior and exterior of all the drawers and cupboards
    • The countertops, surface areas, and splash back
    • The interior and exterior of the microwave, oven, fridge, and dishwasher. Also be sure to defrost the refrigerator.
    • The hotplates, grill, stove and range hood
    • Polish and scour taps and the sink
    • Windows, window sills, door and window frames, bug screens and handles
    • Power points and light switches
    • Mop and Vacuum the floors

    Bedroom, Hallway & Living Area 

    There are a lot more things to clean in the bedrooms, living area and hallway than most people realise.

    Be sure to clean:

    • All the surface areas
    • The doors, door handles and door frames
    • The power points and light switches
    • Vacuum and mop the floors
    • Spot clean any marks on the ceilings and walls
    • Any cobwebs or debris
    • Dust the light fixtures and clean the lights
    • Windows, window sills, door and window frames, bug screens and handles
    • The exterior and interior of all drawers and cupboards
    • Polish all glass surfaces and mirrors
    • Window sills, window, frames, windows, and flyscreens
    • Stair railings and banisters
    • Wipe clean the exterior of any air conditioning units, and clean the filters inside

    Bathroom, Toilet & Laundry

    While being one of the least glamorous areas of the house to clean, they are the ones most heavily scrutinised during the final inspection. Make sure to clean the following thoroughly:

    • All surface areas, including shower rails and the mirrors
    • Sanitise and scrub the bath, sink, and toilet
    • Scour, and polish every tap
    • Scrub all the grouts and tiles
    • All mould from the tiles, grouts, and walls
    • Scrub and remove debris from plugholes
    • Sanitise the shower doors, screens, or shower curtain
    • Door handle, door frame, and door
    • Each light switch and powerpoint
    • Interior and exterior of the drawers and cupboards
    • Dust any air vents
    • Clean the filter from the clothes dryer
    • Scrub and sanitise the laundry basin
    • Sweep and mop the floors

    Outdoor Areas

    It can be easy to overlook the outdoors, but real estate agents will scrutinise them just as much as they will inside the property.

    Be sure to:

    • Mow the lawn, and weed and trim edges
    • Remove any debris or leaves from the pool
    • Sweep down any external areas including the driveway
    • Clean and empty the rubbish and recycling bins
    • Remove any oil stains from the garage or driveway
    • Clean any debris or cobwebs from the house exterior

    After preparing for moving, packing all of your possessions and furniture, and then unpacking at your new property, there is still a lot of work left to do before you can hand over the keys and get your bond back.

    This process can be exhaustive and time-consuming, especially when having to do it in a short amount of time along with packing, moving, and unpacking at your new home.

    Luckily there is a way to easily get your bond back in full, and save you time.

    Hire a professional cleaning service

    If you don’t want to play Russian roulette with your bond, and how picky your estate agent is, Optimove recommends hiring an end of lease cleaning company. The huge benefit of doing this is they have a bond back guarantee, which means if the real estate agent requires additional cleaning, they will take care of it for you.

    SnapClean offers professional move out cleaning services in the Brisbane and the Gold Coast area saving you time and money – by ensuring you get your full bond back, and can spend your time packing and moving into your new home.

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