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    How To Turn Your New House Into A Smart Home

    How To Turn Your New House Into A Smart Home

    By Karen Thorogood | May 25, 2021

    How To Turn Your New House Into A Smart Home

    The smart home in the 21st century is probably one that most people couldn’t have imagined even 20 or 30 years ago. Advancements in technology have made smart homes accessible to almost every homeowner.

    Instead of dreaming about the home of the future, you have the chance to live in it today. Here is how to take the most innovative technology and turn your new house into a smart home.

    Features of a Smart Home

    Smart Doorbells

    With a smart doorbell, you no longer have to get up to see who is ringing your bell. Smart doorbells are cheap and easy to install. They let you check who is at your front door and even communicate with them – all without having to be at home yourself physically. Smart doorbells with wifi can integrate with other smart devices to increase your home security.

    Smart Locks

    Smart locks provide even more security for your front door. Most of them are touchpad enabled and don’t need a physical key to use. They allow automatic locking and also let you use your mobile phone to lock and unlock your door. They also allow you to add individual passcodes for different people.

    Smart Thermostats

    Smart thermostats can replace your existing thermostats and help to improve the energy efficiency of your home. They work by monitoring your energy usage over time. Then they optimize and adjust your energy output depending on how you typically cool or heat your home to limit energy consumption.

    They also feature smartphone apps to track your daily and monthly usage. Then you can make adjustments without having to wait for your energy bill.

    Indoor and Outdoor Smart Cameras

    Indoor and outdoor smart cameras help to give peace of mind and make your home more secure for your family. Smart cameras are great to monitor outside your home, including your front porch and back gate while away. They’re also great to keep an eye on pets when you’re out. Over the past few years, they have also become highly affordable, making them a great addition to any new home.

    LED Light Bulbs

    LED light bulbs are one of the easiest pieces of innovative technology to add to your home. Swapping the existing light bulbs in your new home with LED ones is quick and easy. They will also help you save significant money on your energy bills. Compared to traditional light bulbs, they use about 50% less energy.

    For even more energy savings, most LED light bulbs are also compatible with dimmers. They can also last for decades without having to be replaced.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaners

    Instead of spending time doing chores at home, you can now spend more time doing things you enjoy. Smart home technology now drastically reduces the time it takes to vacuum, with robot vacuums taking care of the mess for you. They roam around your home and clean up any crumbs, dirt, debris, or anything else lying around. They then return to their charging stations—all this, with no installation necessary.

    Smart Speakers

    A smart speaker from either Google, Amazon or Apple provides built-in voice help. This allows you to do many tasks such as play music, turn on or off your smart lights. As well as read or update to-do lists, control your smart TV, search the internet for answers, and much more.

    It’s easy to turn your new house into a smart home either all at once when you first move in or adding new features step-by-step over time. Are you ready to turn your dream house into the smart home of the future?

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