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    Packing Tips to Make Moving House Easier

    Packing Tips to Make Moving House Easier

    By Karen Thorogood | November 25, 2016

    Packing tips to make moving house easier

    There’s no denying that moving house is a big job, requiring a lot of planning, logistics and patience.

    For many of us, the hardest part of moving is not the day of the big move itself – it’s often packing that can prove the most difficult and tiring. After all, packing up a whole house into boxes is no small task, especially for large families or people with many possessions.

    However, there are things you can do to make the packing process far less stressful and overwhelming. Knowing how to pack properly and using the right packing boxes and materials will definitely help ease the stress of your move.

    Whether you’re moving interstate or to the next suburb, proper packing is essential for a smooth move. It’ll also make unpacking a lot easier too, allowing you to get on with the fun part of moving – setting up your new house!

    To help you out, we’ve put together some top tips for packing your belongings to help you move home like a professional.

    Use the Right Boxes for Your Move

    Did you know you can get boxes specifically for moving house? If you’ve always just used cardboard boxes sourced from your local grocery store or fruit shop, you’ll be amazed at how much easier your move will be with the right boxes and containers.

    These days, many removalist companies can provide you with custom boxes, specifically designed to move kitchenware, clothing and electronics. Being able to transport your clothes easily, while still on their hangers, saves a lot of time and stress – particularly at the other end. With the right kitchenware boxes, made with special dividers for fragile items, you won’t even need to wrap up crockery or glasses in newspaper before moving.

    Pack Up Your House One Room at a Time

    Overwhelmed by where to start? One of the best tips for moving house is to approach the job systematically, one room at a time. Start the packing process well before your moving day, focusing on each room to make the job more manageable.

    As you move through each room, clearly label each box with a short summary of its items, such as “Kitchen: drawers, utensils.” Be sure to write these details on both the top and side of each box, so the information is always visible.

    You’ll be glad you took the extra time to do this when you’re at your new place and looking for the kettle!

    Pack Boxes with a Mix of Heavy and Light

    Last but not least – when packing, don’t just start cramming as much as you can into each box. That’s a sure way to make your boxes too heavy to lift, or worse, fall apart during the move.

    A good tip to avoid these hiccups from happening on moving day is to make sure each box contains a mix of light and heavy objects. Place heavy items, such as books, in the bottom of each box and lighter household objects on top.

    Follow these tips for packing up your house and the whole process will be a lot less stressful and overwhelming.

    Brisbane’s Packing and Furniture Removal Experts

    If you’re moving house in Brisbane, consider talking to the packing and moving experts at Optimove.

    With comprehensive pre-move consultations and free packing boxes provided, moving home couldn’t be easier. Optimove’s staff can even help you with the packing process, with full home packing, unpacking and reassembling services at affordable rates.

    Contact the team at Optimove Brisbane’s best removalists for more advice on managing your move – call 1300400874 or get in touch online.

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