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    Comprehensive Moving Checklist

    Comprehensive Moving Checklist

    By Karen Thorogood | October 25, 2016

    Comprehensive Moving Checklist

    The Most Comprehensive Moving Checklist Ever

    This comprehensive moving checklist has been compiled by Optimove Furniture Removalists ( and is based on our extensive experience as furniture removalists and includes input from some of our satisfied customers.

    Free Printable Moving Checklist

    To assist you with your move this is a free printable moving checklist and there is an option to download the checklist at the bottom of this page.

    How to Use The Comprehensive Moving Checklist

     The following free printable moving checklist and planner is designed with the (ideal) timetable of six weeks. If you’re planning your move on a shorter schedule, just start at the beginning of the moving checklist and try to catch up as quickly as possible. Check off the items as you go by using the boxes to the left of each task as you complete them.

    Start of The Comprehensive Moving Checklist

    6 Weeks Prior to Moving Day:

    ☐  Research and organise your furniture removalist.  (Don’t forget to check our website or give us a call 07 3905 3223)

    ☐  Confirm the insurance situation of your contents throughout the moving process.

    ☐  Organise your insurance for the new premises to take effect as advised by your insurance company.

    ☐  Determine your budget and how the moving process will be shared – allocate areas of the current home to certain members of the current household.

    ☐  Prepare your packing requirements. You will need:

    ☐  Strong durable garbage bags of various sizes,

    ☐  Zip lock bags,

    ☐  Black permanent marker / Marking pens,

    ☐  Masking or packaging tapes and sticky tape (different colours can be used for different rooms if desired),

    ☐  Cables / Zip ties /String,

    ☐  Boxes – a variety of shapes, sizes and durability, (Premium boxes are available for local moves and other box offers apply to interstate and country moves, call Optimove Furniture RemovaIists on 07 3905 3223 to enquire about our special offers.)

    ☐  Bubble wrap,

    ☐  Packing paper,

    ☐  Two buckets,

    ☐  Old newspapers and junk mail,

    ☐  One clear large plastic container with a lockable/sealable lid for items you will require as soon as you arrive at your new premises – toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, towels, utensils and cups for each person, water, snacks, medical supplies, phone chargers, and screw drivers,

    ☐  One document folder with pens, tape, scissors and Band-Aids – keep all your necessary and important information relating to your move including this checklist within the folder. Keep a list of important numbers and contacts in your documents folder and keep this with you on moving day.

    ☐  Ensure where possible that your furniture will fit into your new home. Will large items fit through doorways? Upstairs?

    ☐  Make note of the condition of your belongings prior to the move, photos can be useful here.

    ☐  Note special items which will require particular care during the move – family heirlooms, fragile pieces, pianos etc. Discuss these items with your removalist.

    ☐  Commence your moving and packing strategy: Investigate, Group, Decide (donate/sell/dispose/keep), then Pack.

    Label boxes with your name, room, contents, heavy/fragile as necessary. You can use coloured tape to visually identify boxes and where they belong in the new premises. Commence with the following rooms:

    ☐  Laundry and linen cupboards,

    ☐  Storage spaces under stairs and in sheds,

    ☐  Garages and carports.

    5 Weeks Prior to Moving Day:

    ☐  Continue with your moving and packing strategy in the following areas:

    ☐  Decks, patios and other outside areas,

    ☐  Bedrooms,

    ☐  Bathrooms.

    Well done, if you have ticked all the boxes on these first two pages you have completed all the moving checklist tasks required for the first two weeks. 

    4 Weeks Prior to Moving Day:

    ☐  Continue with your moving and packing strategy in the following areas:

    ☐  Living areas,

    ☐  Kitchen.

    ☐  Organise your garage sale for the following weekend, Sunday if possible. Advertise the garage sale in your local area.

    ☐  Consider posting unwanted items for sale online through sites like gumtree and eBay.

    3 Weeks Prior to Moving Day:

    ☐  Continue with your moving and packing strategy in the following areas:

    ☐  Living areas,

    ☐  Kitchen.

    ☐  Hold your garage sale this weekend.

    ☐  Consider posting any unsold items from your garage sale online through sites like gumtree and eBay.

    2 Weeks Prior to Moving Day:

    ☐  Schedule to have any unsold or unwanted items that are to be donated to charity collected by a charity organisation, or select a drop off date to have these items off your premises prior to your move.

    ☐  Schedule to have any large items you consider to be rubbish collected by council, or another collection organisation, or select a date to have these items taken to the tip prior to your move.

    ☐  Check manufacturer’s instructions for moving your Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machine, Dryer, TV, and other items like Piano’s, Billiard tables etc.

    ☐  Commence organising your boxes in the garage space which should now be clear of unwanted items.

    ☐  If you have children and can make arrangements for them, organise to have someone look after them on moving day (even if it is whilst the truck is being loaded).

    ☐  If you have pets, consider what arrangements you will need for them prior to moving day.

    ☐  Consider any additional transportation plans that may be required for moving day and get them organised.

    ☐  Organise your notification of services, consider the services for both your old and your new location. You will need to contact them to notify them you are vacating your current premises and to advise of your forwarding address. Some companies will need to be contacted to advise them that you will still require their services but at a new address. Organisations and services to notify:

    ☐  Utility service providers – electricity, gas, water,

    ☐  Home phone, mobile phone, internet, pay TV,

    ☐  Security system services and Patrols,

    ☐  Financial institutions like banks, credit and hire purchase providers, and superannuation companies,

    ☐  Insurance companies – car, home, contents, health, income protection, life, ambulance, funeral, disability etc

    ☐  Subscription services and paper deliveries,

    ☐  Postal address changes and redirection with Australia Post,

    ☐  Schools, TAFE, Universities and educational facilities, childcare service providers, libraries and workplaces,

    ☐  Medical services such as your local GP, medical specialists like Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Dentists, Pap Test Register, private health insurance provider and Medicare,

    ☐  The Australian Tax Office, the Electoral Commission, Centrelink, Child Support Agencies, Seniors Card and Veteran Affairs,

    ☐  Government departments for licensing and registration of vehicles,

    ☐  Local council for rates, pet registration, meals on wheels,

    ☐  Your accountant, financial advisor,  solicitor, lawyer, stock broker, real estate agent and veterinary service,

    ☐  Charities, clubs, gym and any union affiliations,

    ☐  Loyalty programs and store cards, for example QANTAS, Myer, David jones, Coles, Woolworths etc.,

    ☐  Toll Tags, such as E-Tag, touch tag and travel cards such as  Go Cards,

    ☐  Cemeteries, plot tenures,

    ☐  Family and friends. 

    Well done, you have only one more week to go and only two more pages of the comprehensive moving checklist. 

    1 Week Prior to Moving Day:

    ☐  Finalise packing of your everyday items which you have left from the bedroom/bathroom and living areas.

    ☐  Confirm once again the date and time with your Removalist for the arrival of the moving truck. (with Optimove you will have the direct number of the Team Leader for your furniture removal job).

    ☐  Confirm any requirements for moving items like fridges, freezers, washing machines, pianos, billiard tables etc with your Removalist prior to the truck arriving on moving day.

    ☐  Arrange for the collection of keys to your new premises.

    ☐  Return anything you have borrowed or rented.

    ☐  Arrange for any cleaning or preparation required to be carried out at your new premises.

    ☐  Arrange for any cleaning or preparation required to be carried out at your old premises one your belongings have been removed from the premises.

    ☐  If you have children discuss with them the plan for moving day. What your expectations are – or who will be looking after them whilst the move is underway. Assure them that they will be settled happily in their new home, moving can be stressful for children too.

    ☐  Finalise arrangements for your pets.

    ☐  Commence mail redirection with Australia Post commencing a few days prior to your departure from the current premises.

    2 Days Prior to Moving Day:

    ☐  Clean out your pantry, fridge and freezer.

    ☐  Organise for your bedrooms and bathrooms to be packed ready for the move.

    ☐  Confirm any arrangements made for children and pets.

    ☐  Finalise any outstanding issues.

    1 Day Prior to Moving Day:

    ☐  Organise your remaining items to be packed from the kitchen and living areas.

    ☐  Personal belongings that will be required once you arrive at your new premises can be placed inside a clear plastic box ready to go on the truck, or to be taken with you.

    ☐  Any personal clothing, medications, and important papers should be kept with you throughout the move. Store these items in a small suitcase.

    ☐  Dispose of all rubbish from the premises.

    ☐  Confirm all arrangements are in place for the arrival of your removalists.

    ☐  Confirm any additional transportation plans are in place for the move.

    Moving Day Checklist:

    ☐  Plan to be there whilst the Removalist is onsite to be sure they take everything. (Optimove removalists will be bringing with them a cup of coffee for you, so you can pack the kettle).

    ☐  Turn off your fridge two hours before the removalists arrive.

    ☐  Have your overnight bags with pillows, spare clothes and water packed ready to take with you.

    ☐  Ensure your Document Folder is with you and you have the necessary keys and access cards as required for your new premises.

    ☐  Ensure your mobile phones are fully charged and the movers have your contact numbers should they need to reach you.

    ☐  Ensure all items have been removed from the old premises once the truck and any other vehicles have been packed.

    ☐  Remain calm and remember to eat something.

    ☐  Do a final clean up and sweep through – check all windows are locked, lights turned off and that the premises is secure before you leave.

       Tear up this moving checklist and move to your new home…

    Free Moving Checklist and Other Moving Help

    This comprehensive moving checklist has been compiled by Optimove Furniture Removalists, the Moving Specialists.  To assist you with your planned move the link to the free printable moving checklist pdf is provided below.

    To further help you with your relocation we also provide Premium boxes for local Brisbane and Gold Coast moves.  Please visit our website for more information or call us on 07 3905 3223.

    Click Here to Download The Free Printable Moving Checklist and Planner

    comprehensive moving checklist


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