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    Top tips for selling your current property – quickly

    Top tips for selling your current property – quickly

    By Karen Thorogood | July 17, 2019

    Top tips for selling your current property – quickly

    Found the house of your dreams but need to sell your current one quickly?

    Ready for a sea change? or maybe just need to extra room. If you are looking to move to a new house but need to sell your current property first, the Optimove team have some tips on how to prepare your house for sale and maximise the marketing campaign, ensuring a quick sale. At Optimove, we are not just removalists we are moving specialists. We specialise in moves to and from Brisbane, whether you are moving within Queensland or interstate, our team can help.

    • Marketing
      • Hire a professional photographer and ensure to review the photos on the day to make sure you’re happy with the result. Photos are everything. Potential buyers are window shopping when looking at your property online, so if the first impression isn’t enough to entice further curiosity – they won’t make contact to arrange an inspection. Think of yourself looking in a shop window – if something doesn’t immediately grab your attention – you don’t usually enter.
      • Utilise Facebook and other social media platforms to share your listing to your network – you can easily share your listing on Facebook which will reach your friends and family who themselves, will more than likely share it on giving you the opportunity to reach an even wider audience that your online listing may not otherwise reach, for free.
      • Share your listing within any community pages or groups that you’re a part of. Your neighbours are more than likely bias of the area, so they’ll act as selling agent for you. For free.
      • Use paid Facebook posts to target the area, you can select who and where you want to target and even delve into their interests, it’s a great way to reach those near you that are potentially looking to buy.
    • Choose your selling time wisely. We all know that some seasons and times of year see a spike in property changing hands. Be mindful of the time of year when you start to prepare your marketing campaign. Is it end of financial year? Christmas time? What will that mean for property value and selling times for your area?
    • Mend any repairs and do some maintenance. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or personal – just things that will decrease the work and resources the new owner will have to complete before they move in or lease the property out.
      • A new coat of paint won’t cost you much in the long run and the time you put into it will help modernise your house and make it move in ready. Think fresh doorframes, skirting boards etc free of chips and scratches.
      • Fix any broken fixtures
      • Chipped or broken windows, fly screens and locks will devalue the property and add to the to-do list of the new owner
      • Don’t forget the exterior! It’s the first impression you get to have on the potential buyers (think the cover of a book). Modernise the colours, freshen the fence or window trimmings etc, tend to the gardens by adding some bark or well-established plants and ensure the lawn is freshly manicured.
    • Be flexible with open homes – avoid your potential buyers moving on to other houses by ensuring they don’t have to wait weeks to view your property.
    • Research recent sales in the area and price yourself accordingly. We recommend visiting an open home or two, so you know your competition and where your home sits in the market.
    • De-personalise and de-clutter – the new owner wants to imagine themselves in the house, not you, so be sure to remove any personal matter like photo’s etc. While you’re at it, remove any clutter too.
    • Learn the target buyer and sell to them – will families be a likely buyer? Or will it be a career minded individual? List statistics on school locations, shopping centres, business hubs, transport etc. Show them why your neighbourhood is the right fit for their needs.

    All buyers are weighing up their outlay vs the potential return for the property (either through leasing or if they re-sell in the future) so have the house looking well maintained – an easy to manage investment. Ready to move? Call us on 1300 400 874 or fill in our online form for a quote. for all your moving needs.

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