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    Upper Brookfield Removals

    Upper Brookfield Removals

    Upper Brookfield Removals

    Don’t Let Moving Day Disturb Your Calm

    Upper Brookfield has peace, quiet and space – the things busy Brisbane suburbs lack. If you’re moving to or from this leafy suburb, the last thing you want is for your relocation to disturb the tranquility. The good news: you can move house and stay relaxed.

    Optimove specialises in premium moves that take all the stress out of moving day. Relocations are one of those things that aren’t improved by surprises. You want them to be smooth and predictable. Because of this, we conduct pre-move consultations with you to create a plan that suits you and so you know what to expect on the big day. We also conduct a site inspection so we can run moving day efficiently and without delays. In addition, our fleet of removal trucks is modern and regularly serviced, so they are reliable vehicles to carry out your relocation. Our 100m3 trucks are some of the largest on the road, so we’ll be able to complete your move with fewer trips.

    Fixed Fees and No Hidden Costs

    Costs are another thing that can put undue stress on you when you move. How much will it all cost? What does my quote actually include? Can they pop in additional costs at the end for unforeseen work?

    You don’t have to worry about any of this with Optimove. We make it our policy to have transparent pricing. Check out our removalists costs here. When you ask for a quote, we ask you a few questions (alternatively, you can use our online quote calculator). Once we give you a quote, that’s it. There are no hidden fees. We also give you the option of either fixed or hourly fees, so you can decide which suits your situation better.

    Superior Customer Service for Upper Brookfield Removals

    Whether a city move or country move, our commitment to exceptional customer service never wavers. If there’s something we can do to make your relocation easier, just ask! Contact us today via our online form or call us on 07 3905 3223.

    Moving to Upper Brookfield on Brisbane’s Western Suburbs?

    Local shopping centre:
    Kenmore Village
    9 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore QLD 4069

    Local post office:
    Kenmore Post Shop, Kenmore Village
    14/9 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore QLD 4069

    Local schools:
    Upper Brookfield Primary School
    496 Upper Brookfield Rd, Upper Brookfield QLD 4069

    Kenmore State High School
    60 Aberfeldy St, Kenmore QLD 4069

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