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    How to Choose the Best Removalists for Your Move

    How to Choose the Best Removalists for Your Move

    By Karen Thorogood | August 14, 2019

    How to Choose the Best Removalists for Your Move

    We’ve all moved house before. It’s an event that can cause even the most prepared planners to shudder with fear. A great removalist company can help you to move as seamlessly as possible. A bad removalist company, on the other hand, can result in chipped or missing items, more stress, more worry, and poor customer-service provider communication.

    When it comes to the removalist company that will be handling your most prized possessions, you want to select the best. It’s best to start by thinking about the specific logistics, and what services you require. Some companies simply provide the truck and the heavy lifting, others can provide more specialised services along with exceptional customer service. We’ve compiled our top five tips for picking an amazing removalist service:

    1. Read the reviews: If you’re looking for a removalist to provide extras like unpacking, or furniture assembly, or a service you can trust in your new home when you’re driving back and forth, make sure first that the company you choose has stellar reviews, or is accredited through AFRA. Reviews are a reflection of exceptionally good, or exceptionally poor service, so they’re important when it comes to deciding the right removalist for your move.
    2. Conduct an audit of your home: You need to be able to provide your removalist with a comprehensive list of items to be moved, and services needed (such as unpacking and furniture assembly) so that your chosen removalists can provide quotes and competitive rates.
    3. Check with your insurance company: Home and contents insurance is an important lifestyle decision. It’s a good idea that when you update this prior to your move you ask your insurance provider if they cover loss or damage to goods during transit.
    4. Move your car: The night before your move try parking your car elsewhere so that the moving van can be as close to your house as possible. Ask a neighbour, or family member if you can take over their garage overnight to make some space in the driveway.
    5. Don’t overfill your moving boxes: Movers are skilled lifters, but they aren’t champion bodybuilders! Your removalist company will be lifting and pushing furniture all day, make sure your boxes are packed firmly, taped up properly, and labelled, but don’t overpack and cause yourself or someone else a disc slip.

    While on the phone with the removalist companies you talk to, make a point of asking about their ability to lift any speciality items you may own that are particularly heavy or require a specialist move. Also ensure you notify your chosen removalist company of stairs, pets, awkward hallways, and other potential issues that might arise.

    Remember, the right removalist can make your moving day, and your first day in your new home, a more stress-free experience. So, it’s important to make the right choice. Call the team at Optimove today on 1300 400 874 or fill in our contact form to learn more about our packing and removalist services and fees. From SydneyMelbourneGold Coast or international – we have you covered.

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