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    How to plan for an international move to Brisbane

    How to plan for an international move to Brisbane

    By Karen Thorogood | July 12, 2019

    How to plan for an international move to Brisbane

    We take the stress out of your impending move to Brisbane

    Considering moving overseas to the bustling Queensland city of Brisbane? Well you’d be joining the other 20% of the area’s population who were also born overseas. Proven to be a buyer’s paradise, Brisbane’s housing is half the price of the likes of Sydney and Melbourne and whether for family, career or lifestyle – it’s proven that the effective housing and living costs will be one of many benefits you will enjoy.

    Although vast in distance, the move doesn’t have to be big in stress for you. At Optimove we specialise in international and interstate relocations to Brisbane. Here are some things to consider when planning your move from overseas to Brisbane.

    • Research the locations. Consider the reasons for the move and look for an area that matches your wants and needs. Will you need to be close to a certain type of employment? Do you have children that will have to enrol into schooling? Brisbane schools are based on catchment zones – what this means is you must attend local school in the catchment you reside – unless you attend a private school.
    • Allow yourself the time you need in preparation of the move. Make a checklist in order of time required when considering these things:
      • Visa’s and documentation (travel documentation, passports etc)
      • Finding accommodation – will you stay somewhere temporarily when you first arrive? Or will you have your long-term accommodation organised ahead of time?
      • Booking travel
      • Packing
      • Cleaning and finalising your previous dwellings
    • Learn the regulations for clearing your personal and household items through Australian Customs. If you have owned and used your personal property and household items for at least 12 months whilst living overseas, there is a general rule that you can bring that into Australia without paying any additional fees and charges (tax and duty).
    • Cancel subscriptions locally and sort out payments – list all required service providers and keep records together as to not lose them through moving.
    • Know your budget and timeframe for moving your personal and household belongings. Contact Optimove at least 6 weeks ahead of your scheduled move to discuss a tailored plan.
    • Express Sea Freight will pack and send immediately in a shipping container with pre-scheduled shipping dates and times.
      Economy Sea Freight : share shipping container space with someone else’s belongings and only pay for the space you take up. There are no guarantees on shipping time as it will depend on when the container is filled entirely. Estimated door to door times once dispatched can be provided based on history of shipments but these are subject to change with arrival potentially happening earlier or later
      Air freight – for items that require ASAP shipping. These can be sent as smaller pieces or on a pallet via plane.
    • Take out insurance on your belongings so that you are protected throughout the shipping process. Know the value of your goods and a replacement/new purchase price.
    • Learn the foreign exchange so that dealing with Australian Dollars isn’t a complete shock to the system upon arrival.
    • Contact our team to discuss all your moving requirements ahead of the move. You may even have relocated to Brisbane and be staying in a hotel until you find somewhere to call home. We can help you get into your home faster – leave the moving to us, our team know Brisbane.

    Brisbane attracts people from all walks of life who happily reside and enjoy its culture, city life and beautiful weather all year round. If you are ready to discuss your move, contact our team at Optimove today – we will even share our best Brisbane secrets with you. Call us now on 1300 400 874 or fill in our contact form here.

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