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    Covid Safe Removalist Process

    Covid Safe Removalist Process

    By Karen Thorogood | July 15, 2021

    Covid Safe Removalist Process

    With the latest news about an infectious Sydney removalist visiting other states, we want to stress the importance to follow all the AFRA (Australian Furniture Removals Association) guidelines received daily. For example, all Optimove employees will work with proper precautions against covid like hand sanitisers and face masks worn at all times. Our trucks and equipment are also sanitised daily as per requirement. Covid is a hazardous virus, and it can be transmitted through the air or by your personal belongings. So everyone needs to be careful. Here we will be giving some guidelines for Covid-Safe removals.

    Tips For Stress-Free Removals During Covid-19

    Be Careful To Hiring Removalists

    Our first tip is for the customer; Covid-19 is a severe viral infection that can spread quickly and easily if precautions are not taken. The contagious delta strain outbreak in Sydney tends to be transported by infected family members, friends, or work colleagues when they visit your home. When you move from one house to another, there is a possibility that the virus will be transferred with items. So it would help if you protect yourself and others by wrapping/covering everything with plastic wrap or garbage bags before moving. Then put all your stuff into special boxes that are designed for transporting things like this. So first, you have to ask your removalists that all the team is Covid-19 tested before sending them to you.

    Virtual Survey Of Removals

    You can make a virtual survey of any removals before meeting them because it’s safer than an actual meeting. You can see websites or applications of the removals and get a free quote and check covid-19 safety precautions, what they are taking or not. You can call them and ask them what steps they are taking for Covid Safe Removalist Process. Optimove provides all the information regarding the process and steps for moving, So you will know all the things from our site.

    Clean Your House Before Move

    You should clean and sanitise your house belongings before moving not to affect you during the move. It will help you to disinfect yourself and your house for both ends because they will come and do this process also. Optimove employees are doing it because we are giving Covid Safe Removalist Process to our all customers nowadays. Covid Safe Removalist includes Covid Safety and Covid Security Services also.

    Maintain 2 Meter Distance

    When removalists come to you, please maintain at least a 2-meter distance so you will not affect by Covid-19 from any person. Covid-19 can escape from the Covid removalist hand, and it can cause Covid-19 Infection. Optimove Sydney removalists are one of the Covid services which you should select because the Covid safe removals process will give you a stress-free and joyful moving experience. You Can Avoid Covid-19 If You Select Optimove Covid Safe Removalist Process. We’ve got a lot of competitors in this business, but we are the best one. Do you know why? Because we’re giving Covid Safe Removalist Process for our customer’s safety. Keep your house or office windows and doors open to give you fresh air and make yourself fresh while moving your property.

    Sanitise Your New Home Or Office Before Unpacking

    It would help if you sanitised the new home or office before unpacking your things. If you’ve got a completed Covid safe removalist process, it must be in the Covid safe removalist hand is free from Covid infection. How? By using Covid safety gloves, Covid safety shoes, and other Covid workwear, anti-Covids tools that required for Covidsafe removals of all kinds of furniture. If you’re going to do something by yourself without using Optimove removalist equipment, don’t try to handle furniture without sanitising it.

    According to science and medical health centres, Covid-19 can stay alive on cardboards for 24 hours and on plastic for 72 hours, so if you do not unpack your furniture before that time, you are very safe. Still, if you need anything urgent, you need to do sanitizing it before touching them.

    Moving Interstate?

    You are still allowed to move interstate, so in this case, you need to follow your state’s rules and regulations regarding Covid guidelines, and you should follow the rules and regulations which states you are moving to. Optimove will give all the information regarding your state’s rules and regulations, so you will not need to worry about it.

    Optimove Is Still Operational During the Outbreak

    Optimove is a removalist company that supplies local and interstate removals and insurance when moving goods. Optimove prides itself on its customer service by offering experts in removals who work closely with their customers to get an accurate estimate of what they are moving. Our removalist company has become renowned for providing superior quality removals at competitive rates because Optimove employees have undergone extensive training to learn each step of the process involved in moving houses and businesses. Optimove maintains strict standards when it comes to stock control, so you can rest assured that our removalists will look at your goods every step of the way.

    Covid-19 Precautions Guidelines For Removalists Companies

    The removal company should follow the government’s instructions regarding this virus. All team members should be in PPE (personal protective equipment) kit to not harm their customers if they are infected. Removal companies should consider cleaning and sanitising vehicles and equipment.

    Should Follow Contactless Moves Method

    In this method, the removals company should provide a free quote and volume calculator facility on their website or app and provide 24/7 call services regarding any queries or requests of customers, so customers can get to know all precautions against Covid-19 by the removal company. In this method, removal companies should take payment via online transactions, do packing and unpacking service at company end so during move any meeting will not be done and help both sides.

    Should Affordable During Lockdown

    If lockdown continues in your city or state, then removalists companies should be more affordable to their customers because, in lockdown, all are doing work from home. Still, some work can not be done from home, so people are resting at this time and can not earn money. Removal companies should take about the financial conditions of their customers during the Covid-19 situation.

    Contact Optimove For Covid Safe Removalist Process

    You can call us on this 1300 400 874 number or Contact Us. Get Covid Safe Removalist Process services for your move. We have a Covid Safe Removalist Process team in all states of Australia, where you can employ Covid Safe Removalist Process professionals for the moving process. We have a Covid-19 page for more information so you will take some more ideas about us.

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