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    Tips for Settling Your Pet into Your New House

    Tips for Settling Your Pet into Your New House

    By Karen Thorogood | December 5, 2016

    Tips for Settling Your Pet into Your New House

    Well done! You’ve arrived at your new home and have started to settle in. But what about your pet? How are they coping with their unfamiliar environment?

    Here are some tips to help your pet relax into their new home sooner.

    Secure the Perimeter

    The last thing you want your pet doing in their new surroundings is escaping. They may try to go looking for their previous home, so ensure the boundary fencing has no holes, is structurally sound, and is high enough to prevent them jumping over.

    Make it Homey

    Your pet probably still has no idea why you had to leave a perfectly good home behind, so it’s worthwhile dressing up the new home before they see it. Unpack some familiar items, such as couches and beds, so your pet can see some recognisable items within the new home. This can help them make the connection that this is now home.

    This Is Mine

    Having a space to call their own can help your pet feel like they belong in their new home. Select a small, secure room to be your pet’s room, at least while you’re moving in furniture and the rest of your possessions. Place their belongings with them to add to the familiarity.

    Replicate Routines

    Reassure your pet by letting them know some things haven’t changed. If you always walk or feed them at a certain time, start that routine again. If they’re used to a certain amount of attention, keep that up. Less attention can lead to your pet becoming insecure and developing behavioural problems.

    Walk It Off

    Going for walks around your new home is a great way to help your dog become accustomed to their new environment. However, don’t let your pet outdoors without a leash until they’ve adapted to their new surroundings – several days to a week for cats, though dogs adapt more quickly.

    Expect Some Transition Time

    Even if you follow all these tips, it’s still possible that your pet will go through a phase where they will be stressed and unsettled. If they do act up or have unexpected ‘accidents’ on the floor, stay patient and try not to get upset with them. Clean up any messes without drawing attention to it, and instead praise them when they do the right thing.

    If you do have any ongoing issues or concerns with your pet post-move, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

    If you’re interested in finding out some pre-move tips for your pet, click here to read our blog post, How to Prepare Your Pet for Moving House.

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