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    5 Signs You May Be Ready To Move To a New Home

    5 Signs You May Be Ready To Move To a New Home

    By Karen Thorogood | November 19, 2018

    5 Signs You May Be Ready To Move To a New Home

    Knowing when the time is right to move to a new home can often be emotional and difficult. Over time it’s easy to feel attached and sentimental to a home. After all, most of life’s special memories are made there. But things may not feel as good as they once did.

    At first, after moving in, it wasn’t just a house or place to live, it felt like a home, and the home you always dreamed of. Then life events happened along the way. Now you’ve arrived at the point where you are noticing some signs which are showing it’s time to move out. Change is long overdue and now seems like the best time to take action.

    To help you decide what’s the best option for you, here are 5 signs you may be ready to move
    to a new home.

    1. Your Home Feels Too Small

    One of the most common reasons why people feel the need to move house is that their home has become too small to continue to meet their needs. This happens with small homes or apartments. Suddenly your home seems much smaller than the day you first moved in. How did it get smaller?

    What happened is that as time has gone by, many things in your life has changed.

    How do you know if you’ve outgrown the space in your home?

    – Have you noticed an increase in storage boxes building up in the wardrobes, under
    beds, or in corners of the room?

    – Is there a long wait each day for the only bathroom in your house?

    – Are your kids starting to fight with each other, and want their own space rather than to
    keep sharing a room?

    – Is your family growing more quickly than the house’s living space can accommodate?

    – Does your beloved family pet not have enough space to play?

    Every home has a threshold of how much it can handle. If you agree with any of the above, then it may be a sign that your life is getting too much to fit into your current home.

    An alternative to moving maybe to reorganize your home. Get rid of all the clutter in your home.
    Sell or donate anything you no longer need.

    But if you’re reorganized and decluttered, and your home still feels too cramped, it may be the
    the right time to move home.

    2. Your Home Is Too Big For Your Needs

    While on the other extreme to having a home that is too small, your home may now have become too big for your needs. Have your children have grown up and left the nest? All that extra space is a constant reminder that they no longer live at home.

    Unoccupied rooms bring back memories. But beyond that, the extra living space also unnecessary and costs extra money. Downsizing to a smaller home usually means less maintenance. It also means cheaper living costs too.

    Larger homes need extra maintenance and can end up taking up all your free time. Moving to a
    smaller home will help free up your time. You deserve to relax and enjoy your spare time,
    instead of doing extra maintenance work.

    3. Your Suburb Is Declining

    Demographics of suburbs in Australia change over time. Maybe your neighbourhood was nice,
    friendly and welcoming when you first moved in. But over time you have noticed things declining.

    Is your suburb:

    – unsafe

    – too noisy

    – has too much traffic

    – has increased pollution

    Or maybe you are living next to neighbours from hell?

    There are many reasons why you may no longer be happy with the physical location of your

    Have you noticed a downward spiral in your neighbourhood?

    If so, first you should think about your peace of mind and safety. But you should also think about your investment and money. Homes in bad areas can depreciate in value rather fast. It can take years, or even decades for a suburb to overcome its former bad reputation. Sometimes it never does.

    If your suburb is in decline, then it’s time to move to a neighbourhood where you feel comfortable, safe, and happy.

    4. Your Home Is a Money Pit

    If you are still on the fence about moving, then it’s a good idea to check the maintenance costs for your home. Are you living in an older home? Maybe you’re at the point where repair costs are quickly escalating, and burning through your hard-earned cash.

    If you find yourself in this situation, then a more practical solution is to move to a new home.
    Instead of continuing to spend more and more money which will never give you a return on investment. You may be spending more on maintenance costs than the market value of your house or apartment!

    Take action, and move to a cost-effective property before you sink too much into your home for
    it to be viable to move.

    5. Home Is No Longer Where The Heart Is

    If your home is no longer making you happy living there, it may be the most telltale sign of all.
    Reading about the right time to move to a new home is probably a good signal that you are no longer happy with your home.

    If your home is affecting your happiness then your quality of life will suffer. Well, it’s something which you can take control of, and make a much-needed change.

    Does a house move sound fresh, exciting, and appealing? Are you ready to explore new possibilities, and start the next chapter of your life?

    Well, if so, now is the right time to move home. After all, life is too short to not be happy!

    To move to a new home, you will need a reliable and trustworthy removalist.

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