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    What Is Backloading?

    What Is Backloading?

    By Karen Thorogood | January 30, 2017

    What is backloading?

    What is backloading? Split the costs and save money!

    Everyone likes a bargain. A real bargain, when you find exactly what you want, with the desirable bells and whistles, but at a price that makes your insides glow with satisfaction. If you love a bargain, then you’re going to love backloading from Optimove’s removal services.

    Backloading is a way for removal companies to optimise the use of their trucks by making them productive more of the time. If a moving company can organise a load for their trucks’ return trip, then they are making a profit in both directions, instead of having an unprofitable return trip.

    This is of course a win for the removal company, but it is also of great advantage to you. If you arrange for your goods to be carried as backloading from our removal services, then you only pay for the space and transport they need to be moved in one direction. This is a big win for you too!

    Sounds Great! Is It For Everyone?

    Backloading is a fantastic way to save money, but you will need to keep a few things in mind before deciding if it’s for you.

    First of all, in the spirit of making the most of unused space, you will potentially not have exclusive use of the truck space. You might be sharing removal truck space with other customers of the removal companies. If you are not worried that your furniture and boxes will be next to other people’s goods, backloading could be a great cost-effective option for your relocation.

    If you’re using a reputable mover, shared space will not mean that your possessions will receive less care and attention that a standard moving service. You only pay for the space from the removal services as you save money when you move interstate from the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast.

    Some removal companies offer ‘premium backloading’, where your load still takes advantage of a return trip but is guaranteed exclusive use of the truck space.

    However, if you’d prefer to have sole use of the moving truck for your goods, and you’d like to decide exactly when you’d like your move, then best stick with full-service removals. It costs more than shared or premium backloading services, but you’ll know you have the truck to yourself and that you can have your move done exactly when it suits you.

    If you are considering backloading services, another thing worth noting is that it is most beneficial over long distances, as opposed to short ones. For example, if you are moving between Brisbane and Sydney, you could in effect be splitting the costs of the relocation between several people.

    Additional Backloading Services Benefits

    Are you still undecided about backloading? Apart from saving valuable dollars, you can also contribute to saving our valuable environment when you use backloading. Fuel is burned on the removal trucks whether it has a load or not, so if your load can be moved on a trip that is happening anyway, that’s a truck trip saved. Hence, using backloading means more efficient use of resources.

    Another benefit of a backloading service is that you could be waiting less time for a removal truck to become available. You can take advantage of short notice availability, instead of waiting for a removal truck to be free to make your move on specific moving dates. Alternatively, if you are flexible with your moving dates, this will also make you an ideal user of a backloading service.

    A backloading service could also be for you if you have a small number of items to move. Particularly with shared backloading, you and others with similarly small loads could all be loaded into the same truck and split the costs that way.

    First Class Backloading Service

    In summary, if you’re flexible with your moving dates and don’t mind sharing, then backloading is a great option for you. Just make sure you clearly label all your boxes with your name and the contents, so there are definitely no mix-ups.

    If you are considering backloading, talk to a quality removals company, such as Optimove which provides excellent backloading removals services. At Optimove, we will look after your possessions with the same exacting standards we hold for any of our moves. Your furniture will be individually shrink-wrapped so they arrive safe and sound. For extra protection, simply ask about our bubble wrap option. We’ll supply all the sturdy moving boxes you’ll need for free, and they’ll be loaded onto our company-owned fleet of trucks. They are modern, clean, and regularly serviced. Your goods will also be handled by our superb moving teams, and the service will be directed by our team leaders. They have each conducted over 600 moves!

    You can trust that your goods will be safe and secure with us, as they stay on the same truck from pick-up to drop-off. With Optimove, there’s no double-handling, which means far less danger of damage or loss and a much quicker move for you too.

    Speaking of fast moves, we pride ourselves on the speed of our interstate removals. Expect prompt delivery – we move 900km in 24 hours and 1800km in 48-72 hours, so we arrive at your house quicker. When you move with us, you’re moving with one of the fastest removals in the industry.

    Furthermore, to make sure you feel in control of your move, we conduct a pre-move consultation with you. You can let us know what your preferences are for the relocation so we create our moving plan with your priorities in mind. We also inspect the site so it’s all systems go without delay on the big day.

    For a smoother move still, follow our comprehensive moving checklist, and be completely prepared for your relocation.

    If you would rather not lift a finger on moving day, simply choose our end-to-end service option. We pack, transport, and reassemble all your possessions, so it’s a completely stress-free move for you.

    And what about availability? As a busy moving company, we are moving furniture interstate along the eastern seaboard every day. This means that it’s very likely that we can accommodate a time and date that suits your relocation.

    Contact Optimove for Your Upcoming Backloading Move

    Optimove offers both shared and premium backloading. Contact us even if you’re just considering this moving option, we can answer any questions you have.

    Also, the earlier you call us, the better chance that we will be able to offer you a backloading option that suits your moving timeframe.

    Call the Optimove team and find out about our backloading removals and the full range of features our clients receive. Call 07 3905 3223 or get in touch online.

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