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    Change Of Address Checklist

    Change Of Address Checklist

    By Karen Thorogood | June 10, 2019

    Change Of Address Checklist

    The removalists have arrived, and it’s time to move to a new address, but have you notified everyone that you will be moving home? It’s vital to make a checklist of all the organisations you need to contact to allow a seamless and stress-free move to your new home.

    To make sure that you receive all your important documents and mail at your new address, follow this guide for creating your own change of address checklist.

    Step 1. Make A Change of Address Checklist

    Make a list of the organisations with which you will need to notify of your new address. To make things easier, we’ve created a list of the most likely businesses you will need to notify.

    Government Organisations

    – ATO (Australian Taxation Office)

    – Australian Electoral Commission

    – Department of Human Services (Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support Agency)

    – Department of Veterans’ Affairs

    Utility Companies

    – Electricity

    – Gas

    – Internet

    – Home phone

    – Mobile phone

    – Pay TV (Foxtel etc.)

    – Water

    Banks, Insurance and Legal Services

    – Accountant

    – Banks/credit unions

    – Credit card companies

    – Financial advisor

    – Superannuation funds

    – House and contents insurance

    – Car insurance

    – Ambulance insurance provider

    – Health insurance

    – Life insurance

    – Lawyers and solicitors

    Medical Companies

    – GP (General Practitioner)

    – Dentist

    – Chemist

    – Chiropractor

    – Physiotherapist

    – Pap test register

    – Orthodontist

    – Personal trainer

    – Osteopath

    – Optometrist


    – Drivers license

    – Vehicle registration

    – Roadside assistance (RACV, RACQ, NRMA etc.)

    – Toll tags (e-tag, touch tag, e-toll, viatag etc.)

    – Mechanics and vehicle service centres


    – Veterinarian

    – Local council (for registration)

    – National Pet Register

    – Pet microchip registry

    Online Accounts

    – Delivery address with online stores

    – Online streaming services – Netflix, Stan etc


    – Childcare/after school care

    – Schools and Universities/TAFEs

    – Charities

    – Clubs

    – Employers

    – Libraries

    – Gym

    – Loyalty programs (Fly Buys, QANTAS Frequent Flyer etc.)

    – Magazine and newspaper subscriptions

    This list is designed to give you a good starting point of places you need to change your address details.

    Step 2. Make a Note Of The Mail You Receive

    As soon as you know you will be moving, keep a lookout for all the mail you receive in the months leading up to the move. Whichever company sends you mail, add it to the list which you need to notify. While the above companies cover the majority of places you will need to notify of your new address, you’ll be surprised by organisations which you forgot about.

    Step 3. Remove Yourself From Mailing Lists Which You No Longer Need

    You likely receive mail which you no longer want and never read. Do you have catalogues from a former interest/hobby which go straight in the bin? Or do you still receive a paper utility bill, but you always pay online? Start removing yourself from mailing lists, and updating your preferences to receive electronic billing instead.

    Step 4. Update Your Details

    Now that you’ve got a comprehensive list together, it’s time to start notifying businesses of a change of address. Most of them will allow you to do so online. It’s recommended that as soon as you know your new address details, you should start advising companies of your new address right away.

    Step 5. Set Up a Mail Redirection Service

    Even with careful planning, it’s possible that some mail may slip through the cracks. Either a company has already organised a mailout with your old address, or there’s a company you’ve completely forgotten about.

    Luckily, there’s a way to keep you covered. Australia Post offers a mail redirection service, which lets you redirect your mail for either one, three, six, or twelve months. You can choose the start and end date to suit your needs, either for a temporary time or for a permanent move.

    Any mail you receive which has been redirected, then contact the company to update your address.

    To ensure your moving day goes just as smoothly, contact Optimove for stress-free removals. Call 1300 400 874 or contact us online for an obligation-free quote.

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