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    What to Look For When Hiring an Interstate Removals Company

    What to Look For When Hiring an Interstate Removals Company

    By Karen Thorogood | November 18, 2016

    Interstate removals

    There are many reasons why people will move interstate. Quite often it is for work or to be closer to loved ones. However, before you can begin to explore your new city, there’s the matter of moving your physical possessions a long distance. Particularly in our beautiful, wide country, Aussies are often moving thousands of kilometres if they’re moving interstate.

    If you’re looking to hire an interstate removals company, there are a few things to consider. Particularly when your relocation involves you moving a long way, hiring the right removalist can make the difference between a smooth move or a move you’d rather not talk about!

    Whose Move Is It Anyway?

    The right removalists will make you feel calm and in control. You’re about to undertake some significant changes in your life, and the last thing you need is to hand over all your stuff to virtual strangers who only do things ‘their way’.

    Find removalists who give you a sense of confidence. Establishing open and friendly communication is a good start, so listen to your gut and go with a company who talks to you with respect and patience. A very good company will take time before the move to discuss your individual needs and priorities in a proper consultation. They will take your preferences into account when creating their moving plan, so you know exactly what is happening, when and where. After all, this is your big move we’re talking about.

    Timing and Availability

    Finding interstate removalists who can pick up and deliver your possessions when it suits you is invaluable. You need to know your things will be at a certain place at a certain time, otherwise you could spend your first night at your new house sleeping on the floor!

    Find a removals company that is flexible about their availability, ideally 24/7. If you can also have access to someone from the company who can keep you posted on how the move is going, it will help with your peace of mind. This way you won’t be left wondering about the progress of the removal truck.


    There are some key areas where you need to look for credentials to trust your interstate removals company:

    Their vehicles. As mentioned earlier, an interstate move in Australia often involves travelling over 1000km. Their moving trucks need to be in great shape. What information do your removalists share about their vehicles?

    Their handling. Every move has one primary measure of success: all the possessions packed at point A arrive at point B in the same condition they left point A in. Look for details of how the removalists carry out their moves, and what measures they take to ensure the security of your possessions.

    Their staff: what standard does the removals company expect of their staff? Remember that the onus is on the company to earn your trust, so the reliability of the people who will be handling the contents of your house is of high importance.

    Superior Interstate Removals

    You’ll know when you’ve found the right removalists because it will be clear that they’ve covered all the things that could concern you about your interstate relocation. There will be plenty of things you will have on your mind when you move, so not worrying about your possessions is of huge benefit.

    If you are looking for a painless relocation that will make the process easy, give Optimove a call. We’re confident we’re the best interstate removalists in Brisbane, and we’re more than happy to show off our credentials. From our expertly trained staff to our impressively fast moves and skilled, careful handling of your possessions, we’re head and shoulders above the rest.

    If there’s anything we can do to make your interstate move better, just let us know.

    Contact the friendly team at Optimove to discuss your upcoming interstate move. Call 07 3905 3223 or get in touch online.


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