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    The Gentle Guide to Long Distance Moving

    The Gentle Guide to Long Distance Moving

    By Karen Thorogood | February 11, 2017

    long distance moving

    The Gentle Guide to Long Distance Moving

    When it rains, it pours. That’s what it can feel like when you not only have to move house, but you’re also moving far away from everything that is familiar to you. Even if the circumstances for which you’re moving are positive ones, it’s still a wrench to leave a place where you’ve put down roots. The analogy of a tree’s roots is quite accurate, separating yourself from a location that’s nurtured you and given you stability. Long distance moving means you could be feeling a lot of uncertainty about what’s ahead.

    The first thing to say is that you can get through this and enjoy the sunshine on the other side. You’re seeking advice on how to make this relocation work for you, which is fantastic. Being organised is probably the best thing you can do for yourself when you’re about to make such a significant life change. Developing a plan means you’re taking control, so you’re in charge of what’s about to happen, and the great news is that there are many things you can direct to your preference.

    So, embrace the upcoming journey and changes, and look forward to the new, the fresh, and the unexpected. Here’s to better things ahead!


    Ok, you’re an intrepid explorer heading out into uncharted territory… or something similar. If you’re heading into the unknown, that is, a state, climate or culture you haven’t lived in in the past, do some research. These are the ‘big picture’ differences that may be the hardest to get used to, so the sooner you start equipping yourself with information, the better and faster you’ll be able to adapt.

    Talk to people. Tap into your networks and ask advice from friends and family about where you’re heading. As fantastic as the web is for (seemingly) delivering everything worth knowing to our screens, nothing beats being able to sit down with a friend and ask a few questions. This is also great because your friends know you and your preferences, so they’ll be able to give you much more relevant and tailored information and advice. They might have photos or stories of where you’re going to give you an idea of what to expect. They might even have some local contacts that you can reach out to once you arrive, which is a fantastic fast-track to putting down new roots.

    If possible, plan a reconnaissance trip to your new location. First-hand research is extremely valuable, and will allow you to start forming opinions and build familiarity with your new neighbourhood. If you’re able to visit your new home, even better.

    Have fun with your research and let your imagination start your new life before you get there in person. Get excited about the possibilities that your new life is about to present you!

    Make A Plan

    Right now, it may seem that the big move is in the far, far distant future. Why would you start planning now? Because a well-planned move allowing plenty of time for your tasks will make this experience a lot less stressful. Be kind to yourself and take this advice on board. The last thing you want is to forget tasks or to be scrambling at the last minute. With time on your side, however, long distance moving can be a cool science with predictable results.

    You can start by looking at a comprehensive moving checklist and adding tasks specific to a long-distance move. Three months would be the minimum time before a moving long distance to start completing tasks. Now, let’s look at what those tasks might be.

    Clear Out the Clutter

    You never knew you could do magic until you tripled your possessions when you were packing them for a move. It’s a skill everyone develops when they’re about to move! Of course, it’s just that your ‘stuff’ seems to grow when it’s out of its usual storage. This illusion of increased possessions is very disheartening when you’re relocating, as you’re faced with packing it all for the journey. The best thing to do is to clear out a generous chunk of it before moving time. So don’t worry if you have a garage-full of objects you haven’t set eyes on in years, there is a way to take this on and win.

    To begin with, it is going to take time. See the previous point on planning and start this process as soon as possible. Block off time that you’ll be able to devote to the clearing out process, as it’s one of those things that you’ll want to get on a roll with, as opposed to something you can accomplish with five minutes here and there.

    You’ll then want to apply some of the knowledge you gained through your research and think about where you’re moving to. Will it be smaller, thereby requiring you to find a new home for the extra wardrobe? Will it be warmer, allowing you to say goodbye to thick winter coats? Can you take your two German Shepherds with you? Armed with the answers to these and other questions about your new home, lifestyle and weather, you can start to get an idea of what things are not coming with you.

    You can now begin the mover’s mantra: sell, toss, recycle or donate? You’ll probably want to do one area or room at a time, placing items into these different sorting piles. This is a good, structured way to approach this, and will help stop you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of sorting out your whole house. It’s also a good way to pack, placing the items to keep in boxes labelled ‘kitchen’ or ‘bedroom’, etc. This way, when you get to the your destination, you’ll know exactly where to look to find a frying pan or bed sheets.

    Book the Moving Arrangement That Suits You

    As soon as you know when your new home will be available, it’s time to make a decision in regards to your moving arrangements. Especially with big, long distance moving, engaging help with the relocation is a smart idea. Professional movers will not only take care of many details on your behalf (supplying boxes, driving the truck, packing and unpacking, for example), but will also offer you moving options to suit your needs. You may have a specific date when your move needs to depart or arrive, or if you’re flexible with dates, you could consider backloading removals and saving money. Book your movers at least three months out from your relocation to avoid disappointment.

    Final Long Distance Moving Tips

    If you’re using the DIY approach to your move, make sure your truck or trailer is packed well. Here’s a handy guide to loading a trailer and driving safely with a large load. Plan your trip and decide how long it’s going to take while having regular breaks and, if necessary, overnight stops. If you’re driving the truck, check that the places you’re planning to stop have somewhere to park your particular sized truck safely. It’s always a good idea to allow for extra time in case things take longer than expected – as often happens on long road trips!

    Talk to the Long Distance Moving Professionals

    If you decide you’d like help with your long-distance relocation so you can simply arrive at your destination with your possessions already there, give Optimove a call. We can even provide a full service move, where we take care of all the packing and unpacking for you. All you need to do is arrive at your new home and settle in! Simply let us know how you’d like things done and our expert movers will make it happen. An easy, stress-free move is just one call away.

    Contact the Optimove team on 07 3905 3223, or contact us online, and we’ll make short work of long distance!

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