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    Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Office

    Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Office

    By Karen Thorogood | May 26, 2021

    Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Office

    Moving home is one thing that many people dread the most in life. It’s true whether moving a few streets away or across the country. Think about all the problems you hear about with people moving home, and imagine something 10 times worse. That’s what it’s like relocating your business.

    At least without the right removalist company, that is. Optimove are expert office removalists who provide modern efficiency with old fashioned service.

    We’ve helped hundreds of businesses move office and notice mistakes companies often make before their move.

    So, we’ve put together this guide to help you prevent the most common mistakes to avoid when moving office.

    Trying To Move Without Professional Movers Help

    The most common mistake businesses make happens right before the move itself. That is trying to move your business by yourself and with your employees.

    Jim from Accounting may be great at his job, but that doesn’t mean he can professionally and safely transport office desks and furniture.

    It may be acceptable to move to a new house on the weekend with a few mates and family members. But trying to relocate your entire business while still trying to be operational can be highly challenging.

    While it may seem like a way to save some money, it may turn into an HR or legal nightmare. Especially if an employee gets seriously injured during the move.

    Choosing The Wrong Time To Move

    The key to a successful office move where nothing goes wrong is planning. You first need to look at your business operations and pick the time to move, not during your busiest period. This will make sure you cause minimum disruptions to staff and customers, and have your business back up and running ASAP.

    Usually, after hour moves or weekend moves are the best to minimise any impact. Moving during peak hour traffic can often also lead to delays and disasters.

    An Optimove removalist consultant can help you plan and oversee your move. We handle everything from the first query through to the last desk being assembled at your new location.

    Forgetting To Update Your Digital Business Presence

    We live in a digital age, where almost every business has a digital presence. It’s also usually the first place a new or potential customer will look to find information. Make sure to update your phone numbers and physical location online to reflect the change.

    The first place you should update is your website, as well as your Google My Business page. Then make sure to update all your social media profiles. It’s also a good idea to make posts informing your customers of the date you are moving and if there will be any closures when you move.

    Using The Cheapest Removals Company

    So, you’ve decided to use a removals company to help with your move, but it’s essential not just to choose the cheapest one. It is best to look for a removals company that employs experienced, reliable, trustworthy and professional movers.

    Cheaper removalists often double-book clients and show up late, or sometimes not at all. They also slash services to be able to undercut other removals companies. They’re also usually in a rush, so don’t always handle your furniture with care. This may result in damaged office equipment, or worse still, lost critical documents or computers. Delays also result in paying staff wages for them to sit around and also causes inconvenience to your clients and customers.

    After all, time is money, and cheaper movers can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

    Looking for professional office removalists who provide superior service at affordable prices? At Optimove, we’ve got you covered. We will prioritise and manage your move. We offer furniture dismantling and reassembling services and packing and unpacking services.

    We’ll have you returning to business as usual in no time. For a free quote, call 1300 400 874 today or contact us online.

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