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    How To Help Your Children Adjust To A New Home

    How To Help Your Children Adjust To A New Home

    By Karen Thorogood | December 2, 2019

    How To Help Your Children Adjust To A New Home

    Moving home is a big deal in your life, and usually brings with it major change for everyone in your family. You have to pack everything you own, then watch it all be packed into a removals truck and transported to your new home. You also need to figure out routines for school and work, as well as where the local shops, playgrounds, and places for activities are for the kids.

    For children, it’s even more difficult. Everything they have ever known is suddenly changing. It may also mean moving away from friends, and going to a new school. As well as waking up in a new bed, being disoriented, and having trouble sleeping. They may also be sad or angry and not fully understand what is happening.

    Here are some tips to help your children adjust to a new home.

    1. Be Prepared For Negative Reactions

    When you tell your children you are moving, they may not share the same excitement or enthusiasm as you do. They most likely will find it hard to imagine how their life will change. Try to put a positive spin on the move. Focus on the benefits, like being able to walk to a new school or nearby playground, instead of a long drive or bus ride. For younger children, it may help to act out the move using their favourite toys, so that they understand what is happening.

    2. Look after yourself first

    It’s essential to look after yourself and your health during a time as stressful as moving. You need to be relaxed, instead of not being patient enough with your children. During the transition, kids will need more attention and patience, and you’ll also have to help with their concerns. Kids can also pick up on when you are stressed, which will make them stressed too.

    3. Talk About What To Expect

    If possible, take your children to visit your new house in advance before you move in. But don’t just visit the house. Take them to see their new school, take them to a local playground. Also, buy their favourite fast food. This will all help to create positive memories with your new home, as well as create some familiarity for them.

    4. Let Your Kids Grieve

    While it may not seem like a big deal to you, it’s important for your kids to express their sadness, as well as say goodbye to everything they have ever known. Before you leave, make sure to visit all their friends, so they can say goodbye, and take photos. Also, swap details so they can continue to keep in touch. Also, spend a day visiting all your children’s favourite places in your town before you leave. Take photos, and create happy memories of the places.

    5. Involve Your Children In Decision Making

    Let your kids make some decisions. Such as what colour to paint the walls in their room, or where to arrange their toys and furniture. If there are multiple bedrooms, also let them choose which room they would like.

    6. Keep a similar schedule

    Try and keep your schedule for your children as similar to it was before as possible. Don’t make any unnecessary changes. The more predictability in the new home, the quicker they will adjust to their new life.

    7. Set Up Your Kids Room First

    Mark the boxes which have everything for your kids’ rooms. Even let your kids write the labels themselves. Load these onto the moving truck last. Then when you arrive at your new home, take them straight into your kids’ rooms, and set up their room. It will give them a familiar space to feel safe in, while the rest of the house may be in chaos. They can also have a place to play while you set up the rest of the house.

    Moving with children can be a stressful and challenging time. For professional removalists who make moving a breeze, contact Optimove today. Call 1300 400 874 or contact us.

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