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    5 Tips To Survive Moving In The Heat

    5 Tips To Survive Moving In The Heat

    By Karen Thorogood | January 31, 2019

    5 Tips To Survive Moving In The Heat

    Australians are used to scorching hot summers and sweltering through summer days. It’s a great time to stay indoors and enjoy air-conditioning or to head to the beach. But what if you have removalists scheduled and are planning to move to your new home with the forecast exceeding 35 or even 40 degrees?

    Summer heat can lead to serious health problems such as dehydration, heatstroke, or other illnesses related to the temperature. Keep safe and avoid strenuous physical activities during extreme heat.

    The key is to prepare in advance and take precautions.

    The following tips will guide you through how to survive moving in the heat.

    1. Do The Heavy Lifting Before 10 am

    The biggest key to avoiding heat stroke or exhaustion is to do as much of the heavy lifting work as possible before the weather heats up and the sun is at its most potent. The hottest part of the day is when the sun is at its peak in the sky, during the middle of the day.

    The more you can get done early in the morning, the less you will have to be in the sun. Be sure to take frequent breaks and give yourself plenty of rest in the shade.

    If it is not possible to move early in the morning, then plan to move after 6 pm, when it is no longer as hot as during the middle of the day.

    To keep an eye on the temperature for your scheduled moving day, visit the Bureau of Meteorology.

    2. Dress For Moving

    When you are moving between your old home and your new home, the majority of the time you will be outside in the heat. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and also for physical activity.

    Wear loose-fitting, breathable, and light-coloured clothing. Make sure to avoid wearing the following types of clothing:

    Flannel or polyester

    They are notorious for trapping perspiration.

    Dark clothes

    They absorb heat and sunlight.

    Tight fitting clothes
    They don’t allow your skin to breathe and will make moving boxes and heavy lifting difficult.

    When you overheat, it leads to you sweating more and will cause you to dehydrate quicker than usual.

    The ideal clothing to wear for moving is sports fabrics, which is specially designed for movement and to be breathable.

    Besides your attire, make sure to be sun smart! It’s crucial to wear sunscreen as well as a hat when you are outside and try to avoid any direct exposure to the sun whenever possible.

    3. Stay Hydrated

    It’s essential to stay hydrated at all times. Make sure that you and everyone helping you move has access to fresh water.

    On moving day, and the day before stay away from drinking caffeinated drinks as well as alcohol, as they can cause dehydration.

    It’s a great idea to freeze some bottles of water the night before your move. This way you can have cold water whenever you need some. If the heat is getting too out of hand, you can also put the bottle on the back of your neck or forehead to help cope with the heat.

    Sports drinks will also help you to quickly replace any electrolytes which you lose through sweating, such as potassium and sodium.

    You should not only have sports drinks as a replacement for water, but you should drink them as well as water.

    Be sure to drink fluids at regular intervals throughout the day, instead of waiting until you are feeling the effects of being very thirsty.

    As soon as you need a drink, take a break. If you don’t this can lead to heat exhaustion.

    4. Make Sure Everyone Is Alright

    During the heat and hot weather, there is an increased chance you may experience heat-related illnesses. Be prepared for any symptoms of dehydration, cramps, heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

    If you are moving with young children, elderly, or pets, make sure to continually check on them, and ensure they are regularly drinking water and staying out of the shade.

    How do you know if you are experiencing heat stroke?

    Be on high alert for any of the following signs:

    • Muscle weakness or cramps
    • Have stopped sweating, even when out in the sun and heat
    • Experiencing shallow and rapid breathing
    • Feeling dizzy or lightheadedness
    • Experiencing headaches.
    • Experiencing fatigue
    • Have a fever

    More information about heatstroke is available on the Healthdirect website.

    If you or someone else develops heat stroke, then you should first get them out of the heat. Take them inside in air-conditioning or to the shade as quickly as possible.

    Next, give them water, or a sports energy drink, and proceed to spray them with cold water. Use either a spray bottle, hose, sponge, or have them take a cold shower.

    Have the person lay day, and be sure to elevate their feet, as well as loosen or remove any restrictive clothing.

    Check their pulse, if it is weak or very high, or they have difficulty breathing, are disoriented or has a high temperature you should seek medical attention and take them to a hospital immediately so that they can receive treatment. If heat stroke is left unattended while these symptoms persist, it can have severe consequences.

    5. Hire a Professional Removalist

    Moving in extreme heat only makes it more stressful. Every little problem seems magnified, especially when combined with dehydration or heat exhaustion.

    Avoid the stress of having to move by yourself, as well as eliminating heat stroke or injury by hiring a qualified removalist specialist. Optimove are professional Brisbane local movers who will help make sure your move goes according to plan and as smoothly as possible.

    Our trained and reliable removalists can pack your belongings and furniture for you meaning it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

    We are experienced moving in all conditions, and can efficiently move you to your new home in the heat while you stay indoors and enjoy the air-conditioning.

    For an obligation-free quote, contact Optimove today on 1300 400 874 or email

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